Pamela Anderson is branded a 'home wrecker' by new husband's ex

Pamela Anderson is branded a ‘home wrecker’ by new husband’s ex who says Baywatch star ‘seduced her boyfriend and married him after whirlwind lockdown romance’

  • Anderson, 53, revealed on Wednesday she had married Dan Hayhurst, 40
  • The pair tied the knot on Christmas Eve at her home on Vancouver Island
  • Hayhurst, a builder, had been working on her home then became her bodyguard
  • It is the sixth marriage for the Canadian actress, and her fifth husband
  • On Thursday Hayhurst’s ex Carey claimed that Anderson ‘stole’ her boyfriend 
  • Hayhurst, a father of two young children, lived with Carey and her daughter
  • He began working for Anderson in the fall of 2019 as she renovated her home
  • Hayhurst admitted in the summer of 2020 that they were having an affair
  • He moved in to Anderson’s home: Carey learnt of the wedding through the media

Pamela Anderson’s whirlwind romance and marriage to a builder she contracted to repair her Canadian home has broken up a family of five, it has been claimed.

Anderson, 53, told DailyMailTV on Wednesday in a world exclusive interview that she had married Dan Hayhurst, 40 – her fifth husband.

The wedding took place on Christmas Eve at her estate in the town of Ladysmith, on Vancouver Island.

‘We’re really happy. I’m happier than I’ve ever been,’ Anderson told DailyMailTV.

Anderson and Hayhurst married at her Vancouver Island estate on Christmas Eve

The couple have been working with the RASTA Sanctuary, which provides a ‘forever home’ to rescued farm animals on Vancouver Island. The sanctuary posted several photos of Anderson and her new husband on the building site and a video of Anderson feeding some cows

‘It’s like full circle – coming home and falling in love with somebody who’s pretty much exactly like me, you know, I think the rest of it was a dream.

‘This seems more like reality and it’s just a good feeling to be home and to be with someone that genuinely cares about me and for who I really am, who I think I am, you know, just like a girl, from the same area and we get along great.’

On Thursday Hayhurst’s ex, named only as Carey, accused Anderson of being a ‘home wrecker’.

Of the wedding she said, ‘It was a short and sweet ceremony with a local pastor and just natural. It was effortless, not stressful. It’s effortless being together’ 

‘This is not the lockdown love story which is being portrayed, it’s all a facade,’ she told The Sun.

‘I decided to speak out because I want people to know that my almost five-year relationship, with three children involved, ended because of the affair Pam and Dan started while he was still with me.

‘It’s sad that people celebrate this and cheer them on, when it started with deceit, denials and life-shattering choices for all the people involved.’

Carey told the paper that Hayhurst had been living with her, her daughter Denise, 21, and his two young children until the summer.

The pair never married, but Carey said they were in a committed relationship.

‘We did everything together, like family vacations, family fishing trips, we worked on family projects together,’ she said.

‘It was always us.’

Carey and Hayhurst met five years ago on a dating app and first lived in the town of Squarmish before moving to Vancouver Island.

Denise had worked for Anderson, and then Hayhurst was employed by her in the fall of 2019.

Initially Hayhurst complained about his boss, Carey said, and described her as ‘crazy’.

‘I was married on the property I bought from my grandparents 25 years ago, this is where my parents were married and they are still together. I feel like I’ve come full circle,’ Anderson said 

The bridal bouquet was loosely wrapped in dusty blue tulle to match the dress and included a blue hydrangea, echoing the ocean and symbolizing the water element of emotion 

Anderson met Hayhurst, who lived locally on Vancouver Island, at the beginning of lockdown

In one text shared with The Sun, he wrote: ‘The dragon has been released! Talking about Pam.’

In January 2020 Anderson was reported to have married film producer Jon Peters, but she split from him two weeks later and said it was never a real wedding.

Carey said: ‘I would say, ‘What are you doing? You need to get out of that job. It’s crazy’. There was the crazy stint when she married that guy Jon Peters for two weeks.

‘She had told all the contractors she had got married so then when I saw the news about it I texted Dan.

‘He replied back saying, ‘Hahaha he’s older than her dad, but I think our money issues are over’, which he meant because the guy is rich.

‘I thought that was pretty ruthless of him. He really didn’t seem to get on with her at all.’

Carey said things started to change at the end of last March, when lockdown began and Hayhurst spent increasing amounts of time with Anderson.

‘The worm turned,’ she said. ‘COVID happened and it just seemed to happen overnight.

‘Dan would stay at her house and not come home, and here I am taking care of the kids.

‘At first he denied it when I confronted him but then, finally, I asked him, ‘Are you sleeping with Pam?

‘He said, ‘All I’m going to say is I’ve crossed the line’.

‘At first he said, ‘I want you to stay in our house. I don’t want you to go. I just need to figure things out’.

‘Later he apologized to me. He said, ‘Carey, I love you. I don’t know what is going on right now. I’m not in my right head right now. I’m not in a good space’.

‘He asked me to give him time to figure things out so I just let him do what he was doing.

‘And there was no turning back by then. I had met Pam and had gone to dinner with her. My daughter used to work for her. I couldn’t believe it.’

Anderson married Hayhurst without any of their friends or family present, during lockdown

Underneath her wedding dress Pamela Anderson said she wore a pair of sturdy Hunter rain boots while standing on the muddy ground of her property 

‘I’m exactly where I need to be – in the arms of a man who truly loves me,’ Canadian-born Anderson tells DailyMailTV in an exclusive interview. Anderson, originally from Canada, beams in the snaps of the nuptials conducted by a local pastor, during which the couple read traditional vows

Carey said he moved out in July.

She has since put the house up for sale.

Carey’s daughter Denise, 21, who worked as a laborer at Anderson’s home, told The Sun the couple had managed to keep their relationship secret, even though she was working in the house with the two of them.

‘I was shocked when I learned about it,’ she said.

‘I just thought, ‘How can this even be a thing?’ I’m here working with them full-time and I had no idea.

‘And the fact that he had a family, we were a blended family, he has two young kids and obviously she’s quite a lot older.

‘What was his thought process? What was going on in his mind?

‘I was so shocked. It’s something so unreal, like something straight out of the movies. I can’t believe it. Everyone thinks it’s this lockdown love story and nobody knows that there was an affair and there’s this family involved.

Denise said she and her mother were upset that Anderson was describing it as a dream come true, when there were other people involved.

‘And I think the hardest part is that people are being fed this one-sided fairytale story when in reality there’s so much more to it,’ Denise said.

‘It’s damaged a lot of people’s lives. It’s been really difficult for my mum.

‘She totally stepped up and was a full-time mum to those kids. It’s been hard to watch her go through that.

‘There was no rough patch or things being bad at home, things were completely normal throughout the entire thing until this happened.’

She speculated that Anderson, who moved full time back to her Canadian hometown in 2019, would resume a jet-setting life once the pandemic was over.

‘I don’t see it working,’ she said.

Carey concluded: ”I just think, ‘Wow, who are you? Who is the man I was with for five years?’ None of this makes sense.’

Anderson’s representative is yet to respond to’s request. 

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