Parents of jogger killed by police car on wrong side of road say officers failed

The parents of a female jogger who was struck dead by a police car driving on the wrong side of the road say the authorities have failed.

Liane and Kevin Cameron are mourning the loss of their daughter Kimberley, 27, after she was hit by an officer who was responding to a 999 call last year.

PC Philip Duthie, who drove the car with its sirens on, was on his way to the scene of a car crash alongside PC Matthew Watson, who was in the passenger seat.

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The inquest heard how Kimberley stepped into the road and checked the left lane for traffic.

But PC Duthie had shifted to the right-hand side of the road to overtake stationary vehicles and hit her, reports Daily Mail.

Jurors at Beaconsfield Coroners’ Court were shown dashcam footage of the incident which took place in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

Witnesses described the officers to be in shock and said that one of them had his "hands on his head" after the crash.

Nicole Haig, an NHS 111 phone operator, said in a written statement to the inquest: "The girl had stepped out not expecting anything to come from the right. I just knew it was going to happen. That’s why I screamed “No! No! No!”’

Witness Denise Shelley said: "I saw the policeman get out of the car and he looked shocked and disturbed.

"I can’t imagine what the girl’s family and the police officers are going through."

Miss Cameron’s parents Liane and Kevin said: "When police are responding to an incident they are allowed to drive up to 20mph above the speed limit so long as it is safe to do so.

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"We believe they failed in the safety priority and they were more worried about getting to the scene as soon as possible."

The devastated couple revealed that their daughter had previously dreamed about working with the RAF as an officer.

They said she had hoped to follow in her father's and her grandfather's career paths.

"Unfortunately, when she was 21 she was very ill and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes," they explained.

"She struggled and we almost lost her on more than one occasion."

The inquest is ongoing.

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