‘Pervert’ killer cop Wayne Couzens has an X-Box in his cell for ‘good behaviour’

Wayne Couzens, currently serving a whole life sentence at HMP Franklin in Durham for the brutal murder of Sarah Everard, has been allowed to install an Xbox 360 in his cell thanks to his “good behaviour” in jail over the past six months.

Couzens is believed to have bought the £165 game console himself under the prison service incentive scheme.

The scheme allows privileges to lags in exchange for sticking to prison rules, taking part in work or other activities, or helping other prisoners or staff.

A Prison Service spokesperson confirmed to the Daily Star that Couzens did have the device, which would have been specially modified to prevent misuse.

They added: “Incentives schemes encourage good behaviour and prevent violence against staff”

A source inside the jail told The Sun that having the games console and a TV of his own was probably the right decision as “It’s probably best for [Couzens] that he stays in his cell away from all the other cons anyway”.

However, the former Diplomatic Protection officer is said to have complained that he hasn’t been allowed to buy “shoot ‘em up” games such as Call of Duty and Gears of War.

The prison source said that it was “pretty sick” that Couzens wanted to play violent games.

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Couzens appears to have a lifelong fascination with guns and weaponry.

Warwick Lewis, who was at school with Couzens, recalled that he “was not a nice kid,” and on one occasion had shot another pupil in the groin with an air pistol.

“There was one occasion where we were at Wayne’s…” Mr Lewis told the Daily Mail. “He produced an airgun that was his dad's, an old Western-type revolver.

“Out of the blue he shot [another pupil] in the nuts. The boy screamed and grabbed hold of himself and was crying his eyes out”.

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After school, Couzens went on to sign up for the Territorial Army.

Couzens, served with the 3rd battalion, the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, for two years, and was remembered as an “enthusiastic” soldier who “loved blowing things up”.

In March 2011, Couzens joined the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, guarding Sellafield and Dungeness nuclear power stations. For that role he was issued with a Heckler and Koch G36 assault rifle.

In 2020 he transferred to the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command, where he was responsible for guarding foreign embassies, MPs, and other VIPs.

A police colleague described him after his arrest as “an oddball, a weirdo,” adding “there were rumours about him being a pervert”.

Couzens had been absent from work on a number of occasions in the weeks running up to March 3 2021, when he abducted, raped and then murdered 33-year-old marketing executive Sarah Everard.

A former colleague said: “No one knew why he was off sick, but you have to wonder now what was going on”.

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