Pictured: Robbie Williams' plans for £2m wooden trellis for privacy

Pictured: Robbie Williams’ plans for £2m wooden trellis to ensure privacy in ongoing row with Led Zeppelin neighbour Jimmy Page

  • Former Take That singer Robbie Williams wants to put up a wooden trellis
  • The Angels crooner wants to put up the £2million fence for privacy purposes
  • He is neighbour to Led Zeppelin’s guitarist Jimmy Page in Holland Park, London
  • The pair have been in dispute for a number of years over work Williams wants 

This is how a £2million wooden fence Robbie Williams wants to put up between himself and his Led Zeppelin neighbour Jimmy Page may look.

It appears the Angels singer is prepared to blow the budget putting walls up between him and the legendary guitarist as their feud rumbles on.

The ageing rock stars, who live next to each other in London’s plush Holland Park, have been locked in a bitter row for years.

Robbie’s new application is set to install a timber trellis to three sides of the property’s boundary without affecting the existing wall.

Former Take That singer Robbie Williams, 48, really wants to put up a wooden trellis fence

These are what the wooden trellis fence will look like if Williams gets his way for the plans

Barton Engineers, who wrote the Heritage Statement for Williams’ application, said: ‘Within this context the garden is of critical importance to the heritage value of the property.

‘Mature trees are abundant, creating a shady and secluded setting for its occupants.

‘A section of wall shows very high character and significance, being a relic of previous land use.

‘The one shortcoming of the property and its situation is that proper privacy is lacking due to the height of said walls at various points around the curtilage.’

And they added: ‘It has been noted that due to the use of existing wall elements and the significant retention of soil within the plot, wall elevations are low and allow passers-by a view of the garden.

Picture of wall detail between houses in the planning document where Williams wants fence

The two neighbours have been locked in dispute over work Williams wants to do to his house

Scarlett Sabet and Jimmy Page attend the launch of new book ‘Pattie Boyd: My Life In Pictures’ by Pattie Boyd at The Lower Third on October 18, 2022

‘Neighbours to the North and West have previously installed trellises, still present.

‘As part of a proposed landscaping scheme the designer has proposed the use of trellis panels as a low-impact way of increasing the privacy within the garden.

‘It is our view that said intervention will have negligible impact on the heritage value of the property, and will not obscure wider views of the property from Melbury Road or Ilchester Place, while adding a level of privacy to inhabitants whilst using the garden.’

Works are set to start and be completed early next year.

The planning fee alone cost Williams £238.20.

All existing planting will be retained with proposed trellises at the rear of the wall.

Designs have been created by The Garden Trellis Company, based in Essex, who include a dedicated project manager, a site visit and 3D designs in their bespoke service.

On their website, they say: ‘Typically, the product cost of bespoke joinery will be 3 to 4 times greater than the equivalent ready-made range.

‘Like a bespoke suit, it is tailored to you!’

The feuding rock stars have previously rowed after Williams applied to install a basement pool at his £17 million pad.

But the Led Zeppelin guitarist, 78, objected fearing it would damage delicate artwork in his Grade-I listed mansion next door, which was previously owned by poet John Betjeman and Dumbledore actor Richard Harris.

Page, who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, told the council in 2018 he would ‘fight against a new threat’ for the house he has lived in for fifty years.

He outbid David Bowie to buy it in 1972, aged just 28, and maintains it by sugar-soaping the walls and only playing acoustic guitar to prevent damage.

Williams was finally given permission for his basement in 2019 after an almost five-year battle and work was due to start this year.

He has lived in his 47-room house after buying it for £17.5m from the family of late director and restaurant critic Michael Winner in 2013.

The house was Grade 2* listed in 1949 and is said to have 2,000 lightbulbs.

Williams sparked fury and had to apologise after saying the guitarist had a mental illness and had been sitting for hours in his car outside his house.

The application is due to be decided by January 19.

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