Police hunt for paedophile who stalked girl, 9, before dragging her into woods

Russian CCTV footage shows the terrifying moment an alleged paedophile stalked a nine-year-old girl before he allegedly attempted to rape her in the woods.

The man, 30, who is unknown to police, allegedly attempted to rape a child in Ivanovo after following her.

He is said to have stalked the girl from a private tutorial session, before trying to grab her.

Footage of the incident shows the "paedophile" dressed in jeans and a T-shirt as he looks around and checks for witnesses.

The man then runs up behind the girl, and allegedly "committed actions of a sexual nature" against her.

Police say the young girl managed to flee the scene and run home, but the man is still on the loose and police have launched an investigation.

Locals have vowed to turn the man in if he is seen and vigilantes are reportedly searching for the "sex attacker".

Some have claimed police are failing to take the threat seriously following reports of a second recent attack in the area.

Police are said to have multiple reports of the man, of the same description, allegedly attacking young children.

He is said to have stalked children of both sexes during the school summer holidays at local playgrounds.

In one instance, the man is said to have grabbed a girl at the back of an apartment block and attempted to rape her.

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