Police raid mum’s home after leftover Halloween decoration sparks murder fears

Reports of a dead body wrapped in bin-bags outside a Bedfordshire home sparked a massive police response.

But the “dead body” turned it to be a prop left over from a Halloween party.

Cara Louise, from Houghton Regis, Beds, explains that her son is a fancy-dress fanatic and always goes for it at Halloween.

“My five-year-old boy is really into dressing up for every occasion,” she said, “so we did the inside up with a circus theme and he dressed as [horror movie clown] It.”

After the party last October, Cara, 28, shoved the “dead body” prop out of sight in her garden and forgot about it.

But after moving it out of the way to get some gardening done she left the “corpse” in her front garden while she set off for the afternoon school run.

When she got some, she says, she saw two police cars driving away from her house.

After asking her neighbours what the fuss had been about, she discovered that three people had called the police to report a dead body.

“Ten minutes later,” Cara said, “another police car pulls up … I had to explain I have not killed anyone and I will put him away in a secure place.

“All whilst my five-year-old stood telling them how much he loves Halloween and we can't get rid of the body because he loves it.

“It certainly made me and my neighbours laugh. Luckily the police did see the funny side, all 10 of them.'

She pointed out to the officers that the cadaver wasn’t even that realistic. She asked them “'Who has legs that short?” To which one policeman said: “You might have cut them.”

Cara added: “I said 'oh, did you check my bins?’ They looked a bit concerned and asked 'should we?'

“I was asked to chop it up and get rid of it to which I said ‘No, I'll just put him in the shed with the others until next Halloween’.”

Cara posted her account of the incident on Facebook, collecting dozens of comments and likes.

One commenter asked: 'Did they actually check to ensure it wasn't a body? Or was this the perfect crime?” And another chimed in” “Neighbours obviously thought you were capable of murder and dobbed you in. I wouldn't speak to them any more.”

A Bedfordshire Police spokesman confirmed the bizarre incident, saying: 'We received reports of what was believed to be a body bag in Houghton Regis.

'A number of officers patrolling nearby attended and confirmed the item was a discarded Halloween decoration.'

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