Prince Harry and William’s secret tribute to Diana during emotional reunion

Princes Harry and William paid a coded tribute to their mother Princess Diana at the unveiling of her commemorative statue this week, according to a royal author,

The two brothers attended the ceremony together, wearing matching dark blue suits at the sombre occasion.

The decision reflects Diana’s own favourite colour, as the People's Princess is said to have liked her boys in blue, according to Robert Lacey.

At Diana’s funeral, Prince Charles could also be seen to wear a dark blue suit, which made him stand out in the sea of black in tribute to Diana

Harry usually prefers a shade of grey in his outfits, a preference that has become more pointed since Meghan Markle entered his life, Mr Lacey wrote in the Daily Telegraph.

But on this occasion, he joined his brother William in a mutual tribute to the their mother.

The unveiling has drawn a great deal of scrutiny as it is the first time that Harry and William have met in person since the funeral of their grandad Prince Philip three months ago.

Some are now optimistic that the statue could represent bridging some of the considerable divide between the two princes as a joint effort that they have created together to commemorate their mother.

But despite this, other commentators have speculated that any interaction between the two brothers would have been confined to small matters and not any of the more sensitive topics the pair might have discussed.

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The relationship between Harry and William has soured greatly after Harry married Meghan, and relations cooled further still when the couple announced they would be stepping back from being active working royals.

The pair signed a deal with Netflix shortly afterwards and have also been spotted in celebrity hotspots rubbing elbows with Hollywood royalty.

Harry has now returned back to his family in the United States.

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