Prince Harry’s ‘rapid hair loss’ blamed on dodgy lighting, claims hair expert

Prince Harry's 'rapidly vanishing' hair may be the result of the Sussexes' enjoying the sunshine in California, a leading hair expert said.

Celeb hairstylist Tom Smith told Femail Prince Harry's hair looked noticeably different in New York to its TIME magazine sheen.

That may have something to do with airbrushing. It could also be hair loss in the weeks since. Or, Smith said, it could be a trick of the eye.

He said: "In certain lights he does look as though he is thinning on top, and this most certainly may be the case considering his hair genes.

"However, as a natural redhead, his hair will be far more susceptible to lightening in the sun.

"With their new life on the west coast of the United States, there is no shortage of sunny weather and so the lighter, and therefore thinner appearance of the top of his hair, could be down to the Californian sun lightening the top of his hair more than we are used to seeing."

But the stylist couldn't rule out the possibility Harry's hair has looked like that for some time – and the TIME shoot was just a blip.

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Mr Smith added: "It seems to look like Prince Harry’s hair is fuller in the TIME picture and it would not surprise me if clever retouching skills helped play a part in defining his hairline and given him a fuller body of hair to match Meghan’s."

The 37-year-old prince has poor hair genes, with William losing his hair rapidly in adulthood.

Dad Prince Charles has had a bald spot since the 1980s.

But Harry's hair was deemed "magical" in the wake of his appearance at the 9/11 memorial alongside Meghan and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio.

Others suspected the trickery could simply be photoshop.

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