Princess Margaret’s ‘affair’ with cockney gangster famed for ‘penis pint trick’

Princess Margaret's alleged affair with a cockney gangster saw her apparent lover pull off a series of "penis pint tricks".

The only sibling of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret was said to have been involved in an affair with gangster John Bindon.

But beyond Bindon's rumoured connections to the Richardson Gang and the Kray twins, he also had quite a stunning party trick that allegedly garnered him the name "Big John".

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The rather strange party trick would utilise Bindon's penis and a collection of half-pint glasses in a display that likely would not be best received in the company of members of the Royal Family.

But Princess Margaret, who died in 2002, was apparently head over heels for Bindon, with the pair's alleged fling taking place in the 1970s.

Bindon, a performer who appeared in feature films Get Carter and Performance, was said to have been able to balance five half-pint glasses from his manhood.

A short-lived romance between Margaret and Bindon is said to have erupted, happening after the mobster and movie actor spent three weeks at her home in the Caribbean.

Bindon's ex and also coincidentally the ex of Prince Andrew, Vicki Hodge, alleges she was on the trip with John at the time of his and Margaret's affair.

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She said of the affair: "John told me he had sex with Princess Margaret the first time he went to Mustique. He always told me about his affairs, but he refused to go into details.

"In those days in Mustique, everyone thought nothing of making love on the beach. The Princess loved his cockney accent, his rhyming slang and dirty jokes."

According to Vicki, Princess Margaret was one of several who witnessed Bindon's party trick first-hand, allegedly asking to see his "advantage in life", The Sun reported.

John, who was put on trial and subsequently acquitted for the alleged murder of gangster John Darke in 1978, said of Margaret: "My accent and Cockney phrases foxed her sometimes.

"We talked about acting, films and showbiz. I think she liked me because I nattered away quite happily."

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