Protective dog doesn’t let baby out of his sight and gets ‘tense’ when he cries

Heartwarming footage has shown how a golden retriever has become a "big brother" to his owner's newborn son – refusing to let him out of his sight.

DanDan, the three-year-old pooch, first showed his protective nature when owner Xiao Ai fell pregnant earlier this year.

The canine friend would follow her into the house and sit on her legs so that he could keep an eye on her.

And his lovable character has continued after the 25-year-old gave birth at the end of October.

In one clip posted on Douyin, a Chinese equivalent of TikTok, the pet remains calm and quiet while standing next to a wooden crate.

DanDan sticks his nose through the gap between the crate and watches the baby at a close distance.

Another video shows the loyal dog staying up late to watch Xiao Ai feeding her son in the middle of the night.

Looking groggy, the pooch wakes up and stays outside the bedroom to peep over when he hears the baby crying.

Xiao Ai, from Chongqing in south-western China, told Daily Star: "He has changed a lot since I was pregnant. He would follow the baby wherever in the house.

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  • "But he won't lick the baby's hands, just watching over from time to time. I can tell he is happy when I give him a pat on his head.

    "If he sees the baby crying, he gets very tense and gives us a look as if we didn't do our job right. It's funny to see him being like that."

    She said she tried to put the baby closer to DanDan to see if he would kiss him, but DanDan would back up straight away.

    "I feel like he knows he might scare the baby so he wouldn't go too close," Xiao Ai said. "At the same time he is also very nosy, he wants to know everything my son is doing."

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