Putin faces humiliation after Russian troops forced to beg Ukraine for help re-fueling

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The Russian President launched a massive invasion of his neighbour last week on Thursday, as he vowed to denazify and demilitarise the country. However, the Russian invaders have encountered fierce and determined resistance form the Ukrainian army. Defence analysts have suggested that Russia’s top military brass seriously underestimated the task at hand and claimed troops were running out of supplies.

The Ukrainian authorities recently published the photos of two Russian soldiers, whom they claimed were captured after asking Ukrainian police to help them refuel.

Illia Ponomarenko, a Ukrainian journalist, tweeted photos of the Russians and wrote: “AaAAAaAAaAAaaaaaaaaAAAAAAA!!!!

“These two Russian idiots in Shevchenkove, Kharkiv oblast, had their vehicle sputtered out.

“Guess what they did?

“They came to a local Ukrainian police station.

“And asked if they could have some fuel.”

Ukrainian authorities say they have captured around four hundred enemy soldiers and killed over 5,000.

Videos have circulated on social media showing Russian captives under interrogation.

Many of the young soldiers say they had been told they were just taking part in military exercises and had no idea they were going to war.

The Ukrainian military is stepping up its propaganda activities, in an attempt to persuade Russian soldiers to give up the fight and go home.

The Defence Ministry has just released flyers calling on Russian troops to down their weapons.

The flyer say: “Russian soldier! You were brought to our land to kill and die.

“Do not follow criminal orders. We guarantee you a full amnesty and 5 million rubles (GBP 35) if you lay down your arms.

“For those who continue to behave like an occupier, there will be no mercy.”

Despite succeeding to slow down the Russian advance, the Kremlin’s troops continued to close on on Kyiv.

Satellite images provided by US company Maxar Technologies Inc. showed a Russian military convoy stretching over 17 miles heading towards the capital.


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The convoy was photographed on the eastern edge of Antonov airport, roughly 35 kilometres from Kyiv.

It contained hundreds of armoured vehicles, tanks, towed artillery and logistics support vehicles.

A US official told reporters that Russian forces could become more aggressive and try to encircle Kyiv in the coming days.

They said: “We expect that they’re going to want to continue to move forward and try to encircle the city in the coming days.

“One of the things that could result is a reevaluation of their tactics and the potential for them to be more aggressive and more overt, in both the size and scale of their targeting of Kyiv.”

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