Putin propagandists identify US state to nuke with ‘everything imaginable’

A top Russian propagandist has urged war mad President Vladimir Putin to hit a very specific target in the United States with “everything imaginable”.

During a debate on a Kremlin-funded TV show, pundits were discussing the fact that Ukraine had crossed the Russian border and starting striking targets in Belgorod.

And while claiming that the United States was behind it, Russian mouthpiece State Duma Deputy Andrew Viktorovich Gurulyov called for “decisiveness” in response.

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He said: “We need a threat directly to the territory of the US.

“Alaska is the closest US territory to Russia.

“We can target Alaska with everything imaginable having increased our tactical nuclear threat without involving strategic nuclear forces from the areas that can reach every part of Alaska.

“There will be nothing left of Alaska – it will be like the preamble to the Cuban missile crisis.

“Perhaps we are on the threshold.”

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The comments were made in conversation with Putin's favourite propagandist Vladimir Solovyov.

Alaska is actually only 52 miles away from Russia if you go from the area with the Bering Strait in the middle.

The tiny villages of Naukan in Russia and Wales in Alaska are the two closest points.

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The Russia village was actually evacuated in 1954 in preparation for war with the United States, but that evacuation ended four years later.

It is actually entirely deserted now, and is mainly just a vast mountainous region.

There is a road leading in and out of it, and a search on Google Maps does show some kind of industrial area nearby.

On the US side, there is Wales Airport, which does serve domestic airlines, and a small town with a population of just 160 people.

In total, it is just 2.8 square miles in size, and its population was halved by a 1918 flu pandemic.

It's only known contact with Russia came in 1827 when the Russian Navy listed the area as being called “Eidamoo”.

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