Putin’s Ukraine plan unveiled by MI6 – sabotage, planned arson and assassination

Russian President Vladimir Putin has secret plans for his ongoing invasion of Ukraine which have been uncovered by both MI6 and Ukrainian intelligence sources.

The revelations come as Ukraine bravely holds off Russia's advance on the capital Kyiv for a fourth consecutive night.

Taking to Twitter, the head of MI6 – the UK's most secretive intelligence agency – revealed what they know about Putin's intentions.

Richard Moore, known more commonly in Whitehall simply as C, said: "US and UK intelligence communities uncovered Putin's plans for Ukraine.

"We exposed his attempts to engineer 'false flag', fake attacks to justify his invasion. We revealed his plans to assassinate Ukrainian leaders and senior officials.

"This attack was long planned, unprovoked, cruel aggression.

"No amount of Russian disinformation will now disguise that fact from the international community."

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has backed up much of what our chief spook revealed, explaining earlier this week that he is Russia's number one target, and his family are number two.

Despite this, Zelenskyy has boldly remained in Kyiv – despite reports to the contrary and the US offering him an airlift – to fight side-by-side with his countrymen on the front line.

"The fight is here – I need ammunition, not a ride," was his reported response to the Americans' offer.

Following Moore's tweet, further information regarding Putin's secret plans was revealed by a Ukrainian intelligence source.

Speaking to ZN.UA, someone from within the Ukrainian secret service claimed that Russian 'sabotage groups', already in the capital, will attempt to sow panic by destroying power grids and lines of communication.

These provocateurs will also engage in 'organised arson and looting', in the hope of causing further chaos and shifting Ukrainian security forces' attentions away from the war.

This will in turn create 'uncontrolled refugee columns', as people desperately try to flee the madness, all while cyber attacks inhibit authorities as they try to react.

The source added that Russian special forces will try to seize key authorities such as the cabinet office ahead of a ground invasion of the capital, which will force a peace agreement on Russia's terms.

Putin allegedly hopes that leaders will flee westward, leaving pro-Russian politicians in Kyiv to sign over the city, essentially splitting the country in two like West and East Germany.

"He who controls the capital controls the state," is the mantra guiding Putin's plan, claimed the source.

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