Rats as big as cats ‘scampering into houses through toilet’, expert claims

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More vermin experts have waded in on the grim debate over whether rats can enter your home through the toilet.

Last month, Andrew Dellbridge, boss of Ace Pest Control, claimed the pests are getting "bigger and braver".

He told how one of his clients was left “shocked” after hearing a splash and finding a gruesome rodent in her toilet bowl.

But luckily, not all experts agree on the risk and the latest comments from a rat specialist may offer some reassurance for petrified Brits.

Nick Atkinson, from Alpha Pest Control in Llanelli, told Wales Online: "It's unlikely, to be honest because the toilet seats are normally down.

"I've been doing this job 23 years now and I've only ever experienced one entry from the toilet.

"(Rats have) got to have an easy in and out because if they can come from a U-bend, there's no water available so how are they going to climb back up the toilet to get out to get water?

"Nobody puts a step to help the rats into the toilet so I find it very questioning."

But Dellbridge insisted to the Norwich Evening News it was possible and said: "They used to work around us but now they're gaining access they wouldn't have attempted before.

"They're letting themselves into people's houses and businesses."

Previously, the Guardian reported how toilet rats first became a problem in lockdown.

With less rubbish in the streets as everyone stayed inside, gruesome rodents invaded offices through the unused toilet U-bends.

Rats are excellent swimmers and can hold their breath for three minutes, and even tread water for three days, the paper added.

But another pest worker pointed out that if people flush toilets regularly the rats "won’t necessarily be there".

If the toilet isn’t in use, he added: "Then keep the toilet wet or keep water in the system – and always keep the seat down.

"Rats can lift the seat up but if you're not using the toilet put something down heavy to stop them lifting it up."

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