Resident slams ‘noise-fest’ street as ‘drugged-up and unfit for human life’

A street has been slammed by locals as "unfit for human life" thanks to "drugged-up" students making it a 24/7 party.

The South Manchester-based estate has been packed with students, but long-term residents are "frightened" of the area and have since moved elsewhere.

Those that have remained on the street complain that they are now waking up from their sleep by a "giant noise fest" in a street littered with broken glass, vomit and litter, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

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While the Mad Max-like street is filled with troubles, it would appear that some members of the street are at "the very end" of their tether and are furious.

Residents were fuming after a licensing council was applied for, which would have made a local convenience store legally allowed to sell booze until 4am, MEN reports.

This was cut back to midnight, but local Nick Roberts said: "Make no mistake, the Fallowfield Brow area is now nothing more than a party-club-fested, drunken, drugged up conurbation, it's fit for no human life or existence and becoming one giant noise fest.

"People to and fro, taxis to and fro, shouting, screeching, hollering, yelling, music pumping out ad finitum, from early evening until 6am in the morning.

"This premises will just create added noise disturbance which will obviously be extended beyond what is already being suffered by the local residents."

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Roberts added that the area had become a "24/7 party-club atmosphere" and that a license would "exploit" the area, Local Democracy Reporting Service reported.

Sue Hare, speaking on behalf of Fallowfield Community Guardians, said: "The impact of that nuisance is really sorely felt by the people who live there – families, children, older people.

"It's caused many members of our group to leave their homes because they're in bed, people are walking past, shouting, yelling, screaming, drinking, smashing glass and waking them up."

The barrister of the initial hearing said: "I hear the problems. I'm not arguing with the problems, but I'm here to say that refusing a Go Local franchise is not the solution to the problem."

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