Richard Branson vows to beat Jeff Bezos’ ‘giant penis-shaped rocket’ into space

Billionaire Jeff Bezos has announced he will blast into space – on a thingy-shaped rocket.

The Amazon founder will make the daring journey aboard the New Shepard rocket built by his Blue Origin firm.

But social media users mocked the craft, with one asking: “It is just me, or does Jeff Bezos’ rocket look like a giant penis?”

And Bezos could be beaten into space by Virgin boss Richard Branson, who said last night

Virgin Galactic is said to be working on plans to send Branson on a suborbital flight aboard his VSS Unity SpaceShipTwo rocket plane over the July 4 weekend.

Bald billionaire Bezos will travel with his brother as the culmination of what he says is a life-long dream.

The entrepreneur – said to be worth £132billion – is making the daring journey on the craft when it launches from Texas on July 20.

He said: “Ever since I was five years old, I’ve dreamed of traveling to space. I will take that journey with my brother.

“The greatest adventure, with my best friend. It’s an adventure. It’s a big deal for me.”

However yesterday he was roundly laughed at for standing in front of the spacecraft which many think resembles a penis.

Some Twitter users joked it looked a lot like Austin Powers villain Dr Evil’s famous phallic ship.

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One wrote: “Pretty sure Bezos is trying to become the real life Dr Evil!”

And another posted: “It is just me, or does Jeff Bezos’ rocket look like a giant penis. Seems fitting somehow.”

Bezos founded Blue Origin two decades ago.

The trip comes just two weeks after he steps down as Amazon chief executive. His rocket has flown more than a dozen successful un-crewed test flights.

The system is designed to carry as many as six people at a time on a ride to the edge of space. The capsule has huge windows that give passengers a gaping view of Earth. Passengers will spend a few minutes in zero gravity before returning to Earth.

The third seat on the July 20 Blue Origin flight will go to whoever wins an ongoing auction for the ticket.

The current high bid for a ticket on the flight with Bezos is up to almost £2million. Online bidding for the seat will continue until June 10, and a live auction will be held on June 12.

Virgin Galactic was approached for comment.

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