Round-the-world sailor rescued by a fishing vessel after 100mph winds wreck boat

A British round-the-world sailor was plucked from the wreckage of his boat by a fishing vessel that scooped him out of a dangerous spot in the South Atlantic.

Ian Herbert-Jones, 52, had been journeying the high seas on a Golden Globe Race which he began in March.

The sea-faring 52-year-old soon found himself in need of a rescue though as his boat, Puffin, was damaged alongside its captain, who suffered a gash to the head.

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Puffin fared no better after being battered with 100mph winds, with water entering the hull while Herbert-Jones injured his back too, with the solo sailor needing a rescue mission to bring him out of his flooding vessel.

The sailor soon called the GGR Crisis Management Team and alerted them to the extreme weather he was trapped in, having been washed out of the cockpit twice.

Eight inches of water had covered the cabin sole and while Pufifn was not sinking, it was filling up with water at an alarming rate as the GGR Team received another message indicating that it was "getting worse."

Over 24 hours from the initial start of the rescue operation, a fishing boat from Taiwan, the Zi Da Wang, diverted and trekked the 90 miles to Ian's location.

Arriving at 19.00, the impromptu rescue proved successful and Ian was taken aboard, contacting the GGR Team at 10.10 the next day to notify them.

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Sailor Ian also confirmed he had continued to work on Puffin's deck when able to do so, adding that there was no further water entering the boat, DailyMail reported.

A race control team warned that extreme weather conditions would continue through the rescue attempt, which Ian was reportedly conscious for as he continually pressed the "acknowledgement" key on his YB3 tracking device.

GGR Founder Don McIntyre said: "We're all hands on deck obviously thinking of Ian and grateful for the international efforts to assist him.

"Fortunately the situation has improved dramatically for several reasons: first Ian is able and active in his rescue, secondly, the weather conditions at PUFFIN have improved a lot facilitating the possibility of a transfer operation, which will still be challenging and the final decision is with the master of the fishing vessels."

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