Royal fans love Harry’s ‘remark’ to aunts about their distance from Diana statue

A royal fan has praised Prince Harry after spotting him sharing a lighter moment with his aunts during the ceremony to unveil his mum’s statue.

Harry, 36, flew back to the UK for the event at Kensington Palace last week (July 1), which saw him and his brother Prince William lift the veil, on the statue of Princess Diana.

With social distancing in place at the ceremony, at one point Harry turned to his extended family and appeared to lighten the mood.

The moment was spotted by Roberta Fiorito, one of the duo behind the Royally Obsessed podcast.

She said: “I did do a lip-reading of when Harry cups his hands over his mouth and he goes, ‘Can you see it from that far away?’ yelling to his aunts and uncle. I thought that was really funny.”

Roberta and fellow commentator Rachel Bowie said the princes looked at ease with each other at the event, which took place on the day their mother would have turned 60. They added the brothers looked as though they had turned back the clock.

Rachel said: “I felt like it was the old Harry, where he seems really comfortable in his skin, really happy and genuine. And William seemed the same – they just seemed at ease with each other.”

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Harry in particular seemed pleased to be reunited with his mother’s siblings.

Roberta said: “Harry is so happy to see his aunts and uncles, which I thought was really cute. The proud-aunt moment from Lady Jane and Lady Sarah was just really sweet.

“It made me really think about what the influence of Charles Spencer, Sarah and Jane is on the brothers’ lives.

“They’re clearly so close and have a genuine affection and bond and I’m just curious what their influence has been on William and Harry’s relationship during the past year and a half … because they definitely are close.

“I do think there must have been some kind of conversation about baby Lilibet because there’s one point where one of his aunts puts both hands to her face, to her cheeks, and is smiling at Harry, and it’s like, ‘He just told her something about his new baby daughter that just makes her beam’. It was just so sweet to see them interact.”

But concerns remain about the longer-term relationship between the two princes.

“It feels so good to see them together again,” said Roberta. “But then you almost think, ‘How much of this is part of the show?’

"We do know that Harry got there 15 minutes before, he left 15 minutes after it was over. He was there for only a total of 90 minutes, and now I guess he’s back in America.”

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