Royal Navy sailor nicked wallet and spent £95 on Spoons, strippers and a kebab

A drunken Royal Navy sailor nabbed a fellow seaman’s wallet and used its contents to fund a night out at a strip club.

Air Engineering Technician David Blundell has been locked up for his actions, using a bank card inside the wallet to take a mate out for the evening in Portsmouth.

Described as “young, drunk and stupid,” the court martial heard how Blundell nicked the wallet from a common room to go and celebrate following his passing of a section of his training.

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Thought to have already put away a “vast” amount of alcohol, he bumped into 21-year-old AET Reece Bond at a local Wetherspoons.

The pair, who were training at HMS Sultan in Gosport, are then thought to have gone on a mammoth £96.50 spending spree around town.

A £40 taxi into Portsmouth, £40 at Wiggle Strip Club on Surrey Street and a kebab racked up the bill.

The actions were reported to the police after the wallet was put back in the common room – although without the card.

Bond “came clean” to his divisional officer three weeks later.

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AET Blundell pleaded guilty to charges of theft and fraud and AET Bond to two counts of fraud.

Blundell was given six months detention but wasn’t dismissed, it was heard at Bulford Military Court, Wiltshire.

He was told that this decision could “very easily” have gone the other way, reports.

Bond was given a 90 day supervision and punishment order for his “lesser role”.

Prosecuting Lieutenant Commander Edward Hannah, said: “On March 16 last year, (a fellow sailor) left the common room to go to bed. Unbeknownst to him, he had left his wallet.

“AET Bond was not with AET Blundell when he took the card or first used it. But they met in Wetherspoons and the two sailors agreed to use the debit card to fund a night out."

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He added: “It wasn't pre-meditated, but opportunistic in nature. The following morning [the complainant] realised purchases had been made and that he had lost his wallet. The funds have [since] been recovered by the bank.”

Assistant Judge Advocate Jane England told Blundell: “Some people may view this is a silly drunken mistake, and in some ways it was, but many people get drunk and very few of them steal from their colleagues.

“You didn't give the cards back, you didn't go to your chain of command. You were young, drunk and you were stupid.

“You clearly lost your way that night. It has been a very difficult decision and could very easily have gone either way.”

She added: “We are going to give you a second chance. We do think you have shown remorse and have time to mature and be rehabilitated to fulfil the potential you have shown so far.”

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