Royals ‘bracing themselves’ for Harry and Meghan series amid documentary fears

The Royal Family are reportedly "bracing themselves" for an upcoming documentary series made by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle which may explore their royal past, a royal expert has claimed.

The couple signed a multi-million pound Netflix deal just a few days after their exit from the Royal Family. Although they are yet to release any new content, they have recently confirmed a fly-on-the-wall style docu-series which would follow the life of the family.

Meghan was originally set to release a show called Pearl in which she would be credited as creator and executive producer. However, the show got axed due to budgeting reasons.

Appearing on the latest Royally Us, hosts Christina Garibaldi, Christine Ross and co founder Nick Bullen spoke about the upcoming fears and consequences of this new series.

Bullen said: "I think the Royal Family will have major concerns about what's in this documentary because history has proven that when Harry and Meghan speak, they often say things that, how do I put this politely, impact around the world.

"Look, the Oprah interview was explosive.

"Even when he [Harry] then does the interview at the Invictus Game where he talks about trying to make sure the Queen's got the right people around her, you know, that he's trying to protect his grandmother, I mean these are very incendiary things to say."

The experts put emphasis on how the Royal Family may be worried and braced for what will be said and implied because the Sussexes have "to deliver stuff that gets headlines”.

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Bullen continued: "You know, if your son or brother was saying that about your mother or grandmother, you'd be like, I don't know, is that suggesting that I'm not protecting her.

"So, I think there are concerns about what's going to be said”.

"The reality is that Netflix are paying a lot of money for Harry and Meghan content and Harry and Meghan will deliver stuff that gets headlines."

Harry is also due to release his own tell-all memoir later this year.

Bullen added: "Everyone wants them to be part of the family, everyone wants them to try and build bridges and repair all the damage that's going on, hence the Queen inviting them to be part of the Jubilee celebrations but sure, I think there are concerns about what's coming down the road."

The Palace has been contacted for comment.

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