Russia accused of bombing NURSERY as pictures show it ‘surrounded by bodies' in strikes that killed child & four others

RUSSIA has been accused of bombing a nursery as horrifying video appeared to show a kindergarten surrounded by bodies.

Drone footage taken in the eastern Ukrainian city of Okhtyrka appears to show the Sunshine nursery with a shell explosion outside.

Bodies of at least two adults appear to be lying outside in pools of blood as with other people crouched alongside them.

The front of the building – which has a sand pit, play area and slide in the yard -appears to be blown out with shutters scattered the ground.

Blast damage is seen outside with a large black crater on the road outside, and further explosive damage near the play area.

The kindergarten appears to be flying a Ukrainian flag above its doors, which is hanging limply in the aftermath of the blast.

Kyiv's foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba earlier today accused Russia of war crimes after reports of attacks of orphanages and nurseries.

"We are collecting this and other facts, which we will immediately send to the Hague. Responsibility is inevitable," he said.

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It is understood there is a Ukrainian military site around half a mile away from the kindergarten.

And it is also understood the site was being used a bomb shelter for civilians.

Video taken by a drone was shared by leading Ukrainian MP Oleksandr Merezhko.

Ukrainian news outlet UNIAN reported at least one child and four adults were killed and 15 others injured in Vladimir Putin's shelling of Okhtyrka.

It comes as:

  • Kyiv is preparing as Putin's forces are expected to launch a full scale assault on the city of 2.9million people
  • Ukraine continues to mount a staunch resistance as it blew up 30 tanks and shot down 7 warplanes on the first day of the invasion
  • One hero soldier reportedly blew himself up on a bridge to stop an advancing Russian tank column
  • Sun man Jerome Starkey shared his experiences from the frontline as he took cover from exploding shells
  • Video showed a lone Ukrainian man blocking a column of armoured Russian vehicles in an echo of Tiananmen's 'Tank Man'
  • Footage also showed a tank being driven by a pro-Russian saboteur crushing a car in Kyiv
  • Ukrainian soldiers told the Russian 'f*** yourselves' as they made a final stand against one of Putin's warships on Snake Island
  • Radiation levels spiked at Chernobyl as dust was whipped up by invading Russian troops

The footage appears to match up with previous images of the nursery and matches its location as seen from satellite photos.

The Sun Online has contacted the Russian Embassy in London for comment on the allegations of war crimes.

The city is around 40 miles from the border with Russia.

At least six other civilians – including two children – were also injured, along with 9 Ukrainian soldiers.

Many civilians also hid in the shelter of the kindergarten. And this is where the enemy shell hit

Pavel Kuzmenko, the regional mayor, said at least one of the kids remains in a critical condition after suffering a "penetrating" wound.

The children had to go to hospitals for operations.

Facebook video published by the medical centre showed desperate and overwhelmed staff treating victims of the shelling.

Doctors issued a desperate appeal for blood as they attempt to help the wounded while coming under attack from the Russians.

"The invaders hit residential buildings, the local thermal power plant, as well as the 'Sunshine' kindergarten, which has a shelter," he said.

"After warning about a possible shelling, people hid around the city in bomb shelters, basements and other places.

"Many civilians also hid in the shelter of the kindergarten. And this is where the enemy shell hit."

Elsewhere, Ukrainian troops are reported to have killed a number of disguised Russian soldiers as Kyiv prepares for a long bloody siege.

Citizens have been urged to take up arms, make up Molotov cocktail fire bombs, and to use commercial drones to defend their homes.

Some 18,000 assault rifles have been handed out to residents and general mobilisation has been ordered in a bid to protect their homes.

And meanwhile, Russia claims it has retaken the key airfield of Gostomel close to the city after a back-and-forth battle.

Putin's forces boasted they had swooped in with 200 helicopters and paratroopers to seize the location.


Kyiv claimed it has left the Russian forces with 2,800 casualties, destroyed 80 tanks, blown up 500 armoured vehicles, and shot down 17 aircraft.

The bulk of the Russian invasion force that rolled in from Belarus is believed to be around 30 miles from the capital after seizing Chernobyl.

Meanwhile, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned that he was "number one" on Putin's kill list and the US said that Putin may attempt to "decapitate" the government of Ukraine.

He has also called for a sit down with Putin to end the bloody war, but also called for Europeans with "combat experience" to come and fight for Ukraine.

And the leader grimly said the EU leaders on a conference call that this may be the "last time" they see him.

Kyiv faces an uncertain future as the country comes under attack from air, land and sea by Russia.

US intelligence fears Putin could topple the the city in just 96 hours.

World leaders have all condemned Russia's actions yesterday which saw Europe plunged into its biggest crisis since World War 2.

Heavy sanctions designed to strangle Putin's regime are now being levied against Russia.

But it's questioned whether this will be enough to stop Moscow.

Putin issued a direct challenge to the world order when he first launched a barrage of missiles and airstrikes on Thursday at 3.30am.

He claims he wants to "denazify" and "demilitarise" Ukraine as he baselessly accused Kyiv of "genocide".

Russia has long been suspected to want to invade to stop its neighbour growing closer to the West and reclaim it as part of Putin's dream of a new Soviet Union.

The Kremlin has said the current operation will last "as long as necessary".

The West has pledged to stand with Ukraine – but there are fears we now all just one false move from what could become World War 3. 

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