Russia hits own building in Belgorod with misfired missile attack

Russian soldier survives Ukrainian attack on his tank

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A Russian missile reportedly aimed at the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv misfired and hit a residential building in the neighbouring Russian city of Belgorod. A loud swoosh can be heard from miles away, as the missile changes course before striking a skyscraper. Footage shows a large trail of dark smoke rising above Gubkin street where the strike reportedly happened.

The apparent misfire has led to conflicting statements from the Ukrainian and the Russian sides. 

While Russia’s state-controlled TASS news agency reported the building was damaged “as a result of [Ukrainian] shelling,” Ukraine confirmed reports saying the damage was caused by a Russian missile misfiring.

Chief advisor to Ukrainian President Zelensky Mikhail Podolyan tweeted: “Russia wanted to hit Kharkiv with a missile, but something went wrong. The rocket hit a residential building in Belgorod, Russia.

“Do you think there will be an investigation, that the guilty will be punished? No, Putin doesn’t care who he kills: Ukrainians or Russians.”

He added: “Propagandists will be quick to invent a fake explanation.”

Powers lines were reportedly damaged after anti-aircraft defences shot down missiles near Novyi Oskol, Belgorod. 

Vyacheslav Gladkov, the regional governor of Belgorod Oblast, confirmed powers lines were damaged and trains were temporarily suspended in a Telegram post. 

He added a school had been damaged in a village close to the Ukrainian border and that the top floor of an apartment block had been struck.

Videos of the apparent misfiring show rubble next to a 16-storey residential building with a large rupture near its roof. 

This is the second infrastructure damage Russia has suffered in less than a week after an explosion ripped through a strategic bridge in Crimea last weekend.

Since the blast, Russia’s FSB security service has been conducting an investigation into the causes of the detonation. It has so far detained eight suspects in connection with Saturday’s explosion on the Kerch bridge, including five Russians, Ukrainians and Armenians. 

The destruction of the bridge, which opened only four years ago to link Russia to the Crimean Peninsula, dealt a blow to Russia’s capacity to supply weapons to its forces. 

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The only other supply route is through recently annexed territory in south-eastern Ukraine, where Ukrainian troops appear to retake lost lands. 

In response, Russians gave launched a series of fresh attacks on the capital Kyiv and a dozen of cities across the country, targeting critical energy infrastructure. 

President Zelensky said: “We are dealing with terrorists. Dozens of missiles and Iranian Shaheds. They have two targets. Energy facilities throughout the country,” before asking for more support with air defence. 

Speaking at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, he said: “We would very much like the support to be much higher. We expect powerful steps from France and Italy where they could also help us.”

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