Russian city bans ‘all foreign language signs’ because its ‘unpatriotic’

The mayor of one of Russia's biggest cities has banned signs written in foreign languages from appearing around the area.

Evgeny Naumov has demanded it because he claims the signs are “unpatriotic”.

The bizarre new diktat was revealed in a leaked letter from inside the city sent out to all businesses and officials.

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The 26-page document features several new laws passed by Russia's State Duma, handed down to Krasnador with approval from Naumov.

The Daily Star has obtained a copy of the lengthy document – which has gone viral on several Telegram channels – in which it states that there will be a ban on signage featuring any “language whose native speakers live outside the Russian Federation, and which does not belong to the languages of the peoples of the Russian Federation.”

The new law starts on September 1, 2023, and will give businesses one full year to make changes.

However, if you have a more prominent premises on a main street, you will have just six months to remove signs not in Russian.

Mayor Naumov said: “Given the current political situation, foreign signs are “somehow not patriotic.”

It remains to be seen what non-Russian signs remain in the area, as most non-Russian businesses pulled out of the country when President Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine began more than a year ago.

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However, a quick Google Maps search shows that several tourist-centric areas, such as Krasnodar's international airport, is filled with English signage which will now have to be removed.

Many of the signs around Russian Premier League sign Krasnodar FC's ground are also in English, as the team used to play in UEFA competitions before being banned by the European footballing organisation after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Ironically, the entrance for the city's main shopping centre has a welcome sign featuring the word ice cream in at least thirty different languages, as well as several shops with English names.

Even the word “sale” will now be banned from being displayed by retailers as a result of the new rules.

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