Russian prisoners build ‘replica’ London complete with working red phone boxes

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Inmates at a Russian prison have built a 'replica' London, complete with traditional red British phone boxes and a mural of Big Ben.

The Russian prison service Gufsin has posted pictures of the phone boxes and a mural of Big Ben, which are all the creations of Siberian prisoners.

The phone boxes are real, allowing inmates to say in touch with friends and family.

While relations between the countries may be somewhat frosty currently, Russians seem fond of English-style homes, lawns, pubs and shopping in London.

That trend now appears to have spread to the country's prisons.

Prisoners at penal colony No 8 in the Novosibirsk region even upgraded the old-fashioned phone boxes by installing phones with video links.

This Russian take on London appears far removed from the shabby phone boxes seen in many parts of Britain today, machines left practically obsolete by the invention of smart phones.

Gufsin said that the Westminster mural is there "to convey to the maximum the atmosphere of London".

One Russian with the Twitter handle "NolAmbitsiy" commented on the prison innovation: "Mum, where's my Dad? … In London, son."

The Gufsin spokesman Oleg Ogulya told local website that the colony No 8 inmates have a reputation for arts and crafts.

They have previously made small fountains and models of planes, rockets and industrial robots which are on display next to public buildings.

The city of Novosibirsk is a remote city in Siberia. Penal colonies are the most common type of prison in Russia and some other post-Soviet states.

It is the third-most populous city in Russia after Moscow and Saint Petersburg and the most populous in Siberia.

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