Russians send sick New Year message to Ukrainians on ‘Kamikaze drone’

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    Sick Russian soldiers scrawled "Happy New Year" on a kamikaze drone before dropping it on civilians in Ukraine's capital of Kyiv on New Year's Eve.

    The Mirror reported that celebrations did not halt Vladimir Putin's war machine as desperate missile strikes brought in the new year.

    Hundreds of Ukrainians braved the bombardment as an 11pm curfew was observed in some areas, gathering the streets as Russian forces tried to drive down the nation's morale.

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    Kyiv's Chief of Police Andriy Nebytov shared an image on Telegram of one of the missiles that struck overnight. On it a Russian airman had emblazoned the words "Happy New Year!!!".

    Nebytov added: "These wreckage are not at the front, where fierce battles are taking place, they are here, on a sports grounds, where children play."

    Ukraine's Air Force said it had blasted 45 Iranian Shahed drones out of the sky. There was one reported fatality on New Year's Eve with several more people injured.

    For several hours before curfew, Ukrainians swarmed the streets as they waved their flag in front of a massive Christmas tree adorned with the country's blue and yellow.

    As the clock struck 12, people could be heard yelling "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes" out of their windows.

    In one piece of footage, a group of Ukrainians could be heard singing the national anthem as Putin's missiles continue to pummel their city.

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    Bridget Brink, the US Ambassador to Ukraine, said Russia had acted "cold and cowardly" by unleashing the missiles "in the early hours of new year".

    She wrote on Twitter: "Putin still does not seem to understand that Ukrainians are made of iron.

    Last night, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy published a video address saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin is "hiding behind the military, behind missiles, behind the walls of his residences and palaces."

    Addressing the Russians, he added that "no-one in the world will forgive you for this. Ukraine will not forgive".


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