Sadiq Khan and his team have racked up 361,146 miles jetting to cities

What a load of HOT AIR! Sadiq Khan and his team have racked up 361,146 miles jetting to far-flung cities like Buenos Aires, LA and Copenhagen over the last six years… while lecturing the world about how going GREEN

  • Mr Khan and his team have flown to cities across the globe while in office
  • He is a clean air campaigner and lectures others on how to be more green
  • City Hall defended the trips and said the team were just doing their jobs 

Sadiq Khan and his team have been estimated to have flown around the world 14 times, despite his campaigning to urge people to be more green.

The London Mayor, 52, his deputies and key officials are said to racked up the equivalent of around 360,000 air miles since he took office in May 2016.

His most recent trip in an eco-conference in Buenos Aires which is almost 7,000 miles away where he says he will attend 17 meetings.

The 360,000 total is the same as jetting around the circumference of the world 14 times, or a return trip to the moon 18 times.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan speaks to journalists at City Hall, east London, after the Metropolitan Police were put in a form of special measures in 2022

Mr Khan walks through cannabis plants which are being legally cultivated at ‘Traditional’ a licensed factory in Los Angeles where the mayor was seeing for himself how legalised cannabis production operates in California on day 3 of his 2022 5 day visit to the US

Mr Khan’s own flights are detailed in his expenses, which are available for members of the public to view.

They include trips to Zurich in 2017, to Mumbai in the same year, as well as to Warsaw in 2019.

More recently he and his team were in America for a five day trip taking in a number of locations on a push to ‘bang the drum for London’ as a destination.

Tony Devenish AM, GLA Conservatives environment spokesperson, said: ‘Londoners will be wondering which is heavier: the 23.1 tons of CO2 Sadiq Khan and his team will emit on the flights, or the hot air he will put out when he gives his inane speech. 

Sadiq Khan talking to late-night TV host James Corden at a reception for the creative industries hosted by the mayor in Hollywood

Mr Khan poses with cast members from the Broadway musical ‘Six’ during the ‘Let’s Do London’ US tourism campaign launch earlier this year

Some of Sadiq’s Travels

9/ 10/2022 – London to Argentina return – 14,000 miles

9/5/2022 – London to America various return – 7,000 miles

07/3/2022 – London to Belfast return – 650 miles

02/09/2019 -Warsaw to London – 916 miles

31/08/2019 – London to Warsaw – 916 miles

31/08/2019 – Warsaw to Gdansk – 185 miles

12/11/2018 – Berlin to Paris – 546 miles

11/11/2018 – London to Berlin – 597 miles

06/12/2018 – London to Dublin return – 560 miles

07/12/2017 – London to Mumbai – 4487 miles

31/10/2017 – Mumbai to Delhi – 717 miles

31/10/2017 – Delhi to Amritsar – 249 miles

31/10/2017 – London to Islamabad – 3,769 miles

31/10/2017 – Pakistan to Karachi – 644 miles

24/08/2016 – Malta to London – 1,485 miles

25/08/2016 – Paris to Chicago – 4.133 miles

14/09/2016 – Chicago to New York – 711 miles

19/01/2017 – Zurich to London – 491 miles

18/01/2017 – London to Zurich – 491 miles

‘Hasn’t he heard of Zoom? 

‘Sadiq Khan’s flagship environment policy is in pieces. He should cancel his jaunt to Argentina, chuck his ULEZ plans in the shredder and start taking real action,’ he added to The Sun.

Mr Khan’s trip to the Argentinian C40 summit is being paid for by organisers so will not be taxpayer funded.

City Hall said the would be giving sustainable aviation fuel to British Airways to make the long-haul flight more green.

A spokesperson for the Mayor of London said: ‘Climate change is the biggest threat facing our planet, with cities responsible for 70% of carbon emissions worldwide.

‘As the elected Chair of the C40 network of global cities, the Mayor is attending the C40 World Mayors Summit to lead critical discussions on the direct action major cities can take to help tackle the climate crisis while creating millions of new green jobs.

‘London is a global city and the Mayor and his deputy mayors have always played a vital role in banging the drum for the capital overseas to promote growth and to generate new trade and investment opportunities.

‘This role is now more important than ever as we work to recover from the impact of the pandemic and the economic damage recently caused by the Government.’

Mr Khan has previously been dubbed ‘The Prnce of Perks’ after enjoying over £17,000 of free hospitality tickets in just six months – including two sporting fixtures in the same day.

Sports-mad Mr Khan scored 34 free tickets to some of the capital’s most prestigious events.

They included five of England’s home games in their thrilling Euros matches last summer.

Most of those tickets were priced at some £791 each were direct from UEFA.

He also took advantage of two money-can’t-buy, invite only, seats in Wimbledon’s Royal Box, estimated to be worth £976.80.  

And on one day, August 14 last year, Mr Khan used two £149 tickets to The Hundred cricket match at the Oval before going to watch AFC Wimbledon against Bolton Wanderers with another pair of £150 passes.

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