Shocking moment couple land in sea when parasail tangles in Turkey

Shocking moment Welsh couple crash into the sea after their parasail gets tangled with other tourists’ heading straight towards them while on holiday in Turkey

  • Couple Beth and Rob shared footage of incident, captured on Rob’s selfie stick 
  • ‘We’re going in!’ Beth screams in video, with cool Rob replying calmly: ‘I know.’
  • Rob holds on to selfie stick through whole ordeal, even as pair dragged out of ocean by crew 

A couple had a lucky escape after their parachute got entangled with another holidaymaker’s, sending them crashing into the sea.

Beth and Rob, who asked for their surnames to be withheld, were on holiday in Marmaris, Turkey, when they decided to try parasailing.

The pair, from South Wales, were nearing the end of their week-long holiday when Rob convinced Beth to join him in the air – despite her being afraid of heights.

A video of the incident in September, captured by Rob with a selfie stick, was shared to TikTok, amassing over 2 million views.

The couple look happy as their paragliding journey begins, with excited whoops and waving

Panic soon sets in when Beth spots another boat heading towards them, asking Rob ‘What the f***, love?’

The footage of the incident starts with excited whoops, with Beth joking ‘I’m really scared’ as she waves happily into the camera while their ascent gently begins. 

Beth says to Rob: ‘I don’t like heights – you know this,’ as the couple soar higher above the water.

Seconds later, alarmed Beth asks: ‘Do you not see a boat?’

‘What the f***, love?’ she adds, visibly worried.

Both their faces drop when they notice another parasailer, with Beth waving her hand towards the other boat to warn it of their presence.

Rob remains silent, but breaks his cool the moment the two chutes collide, saying: ‘What the f***?’

As the couple begin to slowly sink toward the ocean, Beth says worried: ‘We’re going in.’

Calmly, steely Rob replies: ‘Yeah, I know.’

‘Love!’ Beth shouts out to Rob.

‘What the f***. How the f*** have they done that?’ Rob asks, still sounding relatively calm.

‘Love!’ exclaims Beth, as the blue of the ocean draws closer.

‘It’s alright babe, don’t panic,’ Rob says, trying to sooth Beth as the impact approaches.

‘We’re going in!’ Beth screams, with steely Rob replying reassuringly: ‘I know’ as the pair are about to splash into the water

‘You’re alright,’ Rob says reassuringly to Beth as the pair land in the ocean, selfie stick still in hand

Beth and Rob are submerged after their parachute falls down after colliding with another paraglider

‘Just hold on to me,’ Rob says, as Beth lets out a series of sharp gasps following the impact

‘We’re going in!’ screams Beth, with Rob replying gently: ‘I know’ as the pair splash into the water, both their heads submerged momentarily.

‘You’re alright,’ Rob says soothingly to Beth, selfie stick still in hand, as she climbs over to him and clings onto his life vest.

‘Just hold on to me,’ Rob says, as Beth lets out a series of small screams.

The pair are then dragged underwater, before the clip shows them being hauled onto the boat by its crew.

As she recovers, a member of the crew is heard saying to Beth: ‘Sister, take a deep breath.’

‘I drowned in the pool yesterday,’ Beth gasps in reply.

‘Sorry about it, but take a deep breath. You are OK now.’

The pair had travelled out on a small boat with another couple, whom they watched have a seamless experience.

The beginning of the couple’s parasail trip went well, as they took in the beautiful views.

Rob’s selfie stick captures the moment that he and Beth are rescued by a member of the boat’s crew

‘We were very lucky that we didn’t get hurt,’ Beth said afterwards, added the pair laughed about the situation

However, calamity struck when Beth noticed another boat in the water and a parasailer heading straight toward them.

Beth said: ‘At that moment, I knew in my heart that we were going to get tangled. My eyes were just fixated on the other parasailer.

‘I instantly went into panic mode. I was just terrified and worrying about all sorts of things, but Rob stayed so calm, which really helped the situation.

‘At one point Rob started laughing and said ‘I’ve nagged you all day long to come on this with me and now when you finally give in, this happens.’

‘We both laughed a lot and it made the whole ordeal so much better.

‘Rob and I definitely came out in a better situation though – when I looked over at the poor other people I saw the parasail had landed on top of them.’

People in the surrounding boats rushed to help everyone get back to safety – including a stranger, who jumped into the sea and helped Beth back onto the boat.

Beth emphasised that she didn’t blame the company in any way for the incident.

She added: ‘Not all parasailing experiences are like ours – some people do have amazing experiences but there are some that don’t end so well.

‘We were very lucky that we didn’t get hurt but it is so scary when you’re up in the air and you know there’s nothing you can do but panic.’

In October, a British paraglider was killed in Turkey when he smashed into rocks after taking off from a 6,300ft mountain.

Frank Lally, 62, leaped off from the Babadag paragliding centre in Fethiye on the popular Aegean hotspot in the Turkish riviera.

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