Shocking moment furious CEX shopper smashes phone in heated row with staff before blasting store a 'f***ing rip off' | The Sun

SHOPPERS have been left stunned after a CEX customer smashed a phone in a raging row with staff.

A clip posted to TikTok showed the man stamp on the device before smashing it over the corner of the counter before slamming the shop as a "f***ing rip-off".

The fuming customer also accused staff of selling him "f***ing s*** that you can't do anything with" and called the phone a "f***ing piece of f***ing s****".

He even hit the silver iPhone so hard on the counter that his watch fell off his wrist and onto the floor.

Shocked shoppers queued in silence behind him as the outburst unfolded.

The user who posted the video to social media, Shanice Ealson, 29, captioned it: "Didn't expect this."


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Care worker Shanice later said that she had gone into the shop in Weymouth, Dorset, to buy a video game and was shocked by what unfolded.

After breaking the phone beyond repair and picking up his watch, the man turned to storm out of the shop.

Commenters were quick to poke fun at the situation.

One joked: "Guy broke his watch before he broke the phone."

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Another quipped: "Thank god it wasn't a Nokia, the video would never end."

A third wrote: "Damn now he's out of a watch and a phone."

Others, meanwhile, defended the shop and praised the staff for how they handled the situation.

One supporter said: "They don't make the prices, why are people always so mad at the employees?"

Some viewers were even CEX staff themselves and revealed that similar ordeals are a pretty regularly occurrence.

One user even recalled having a laptop thrown at them when a customer "didn't get their way", while another added "trust me this happens more often than you think".

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