Shopkeeper fights for his life against thug who pulls meat cleaver from trousers

The dramatic moment a shopkeeper fought for his life in the face of a bloke armed with a meat cleaver has been caught on camera.

Ash Hameed, 51, was seen running around the counter at the Day-Today shop in Stevenson, North Ayrshire, Scotland, to grab hold of a brawling youth on August 9.

But things took a horrific turn when he pulled a meat cleaver from his trousers.

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The dad-of-three did manage to get the brawling louts from the shop without any injuries, and has now recalled what was going through his mind at the time.

He said: “The first guy walked in and was getting served at the counter when the second guy walked in. He just went for the attack straight away.

“The first guy then pulled out this meat cleaver. I quickly jumped round and took the guy down before he was able to start swinging it.

“If he had started swinging that, the amount of damage would have been horrendous – to be honest, I just didn’t want them to wreck the shop.”

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Ash's worry was further increased given that a double stabbing had taken place just 100 yards away from his store a few weeks ago.

And he has seen a increase in blades being carried around the area.

He added: “You’ve got all the glass fridge doors right there too – this is my livelihood at the end of the day.

“We managed to get the meat cleaver off him and get them both out of the store before calling the police.

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“I think there were about five police vans and three cars.

“Even the police were shocked at the size of this weapon and how much it weighed.”

Police Scotland had confirmed that two 16-year-old males were arrested and charged.

One has been released on bail after entering no plea, while the second was liberated from custody pending further enquiries, The Daily Record reports.

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