Six people die when their throats sliced by KITE STRINGS

Six people die, including three children, when their throats are sliced by KITE STRINGS at Indian festival

Six people, including three children, have died at a festival in India after their throats were sliced open by kite strings.

Nearly 200 people were also injured due to cuts and falls while they were flying kites at the Uttarayan festival in the western state of Gujarat, police said.

The six victims, including two girls aged two and three as well as a seven-year-old boy, died after the kites became entangled around their necks and slit their throats.

Hundreds of people had been taking part in the festivities over the weekend, with the revellers all flying kites from terraces and rooftops.

Six people, including three children, have died at a festival in India after their throats were sliced open by kite strings (file image)

But as the revellers were flying their kites, some of the kite strings became entangled around the necks of six victims.

Kirti, a two-year-old girl, was riding on a two-wheeler in the city of Bhavnagar with her father when a kite string wrapped around her neck and sliced her throat. The toddler was rushed to hospital but died on Sunday, an official told NDTV. 

In another horrific incident, Kismat, aged three, was walking home with her mother in the city of Visnagar when her throat was sliced by a kite’s string.

Another child, seven-year-old Rishabh Verma was killed in front of his parents after a kite string cut his throat in the city of Rajkot. 

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