Sixth time lucky for bride whose wedding was delayed by lockdowns and lorry fire

Britain’s unluckiest bride finally managed to tie the knot after one final challenge involving a burning lorry.

Laura Luckhurst had to cancel her wedding ceremony five times due to changing lockdown restrictions – once less than 24 hours before the event was set to take place, and was hoping it was going to be sixth time lucky but fate had one more cruel surprise in store for her.

Laura, 28, found herself in a four-hour tailback after a lorry burst into flames ahead of her on the M20 in Kent.

But Laura, who was wearing her wedding gown in the car, was determined to see the wedding through.

To pass the time, Laura and members of her wedding party including her dad and page boy got out and took selfies in the traffic and chatted to fellow motorists.

She certainly drew a lot of attention in her bridal dress and swigging from a can of cider as she waited between the stationary cars.

She said: "I'm not a massive fan of too much attention, but after about two hours I couldn't stay cooped up any more.

"A few people came over to talk to me, and one lady was even kind enough to give me a cider; which was something I needed, believe me.

"Just before we started moving again, a little girl gave me a drawing that she had done of me in my dress, which is something that I will definitely cherish, it was lovely.”

Meanwhile. Laura’s husband-to-be Michael and the rest of the wedding party were waiting patiently at the Archbishop's Palace in Maidstone.

The 29-year-old groom said: "We were originally looking at August of last year, then we moved to November, then December, then March…and then finally this weekend.

"After all the postponements that happened already I just thought we were doomed. It felt like a higher power didn't want it to happen."

Traffic was stopped by the the HGV inferno at about 11am on Saturday and didn’t start moving again until around 2.30pm.

The nightmare scenario saw Mrs Luckhurst – who had already kept her maiden name of Wraight longer than anticipated – stranded for four hours.

Two lanes of the carriageway were finally reopened at around 2.30pm, but by the time the bride reached her destination, it was past 5pm.

Accountant Mr Luckhurst said: "It was about quarter past five when we actually got married. The venue was supposed to close at five, but they were so lovely and understanding."

And after finally tying the knot nearly five hours later than planned, the happy couple had one more trial to endure as a massive downpour started just as they were taking their wedding photos.

Best man Darren Parris said the couple had to deal with constant changes and unwelcome surprises in the lead up to Saturday.

He said: "They are a great couple, wonderful together and they have just been so unlucky over the last 14 months or so."

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