Snorkeller ‘eaten alive by shark’ on holiday after tragic final Facebook post

A woman left a heartbreaking final message on Facebook before she was eaten alive by a massive tiger shark on holiday.

Kristi Allen, 60, also posted images of her learning to surf off the coast of Hawaii in the days before she was killed.

The massage therapist and life coach from Washington state, US, was reported missing by her husband Blake on December 8 after they went snorkelling.

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He and others reported seeing a large tiger shark in the water, feeding on something in a pool of red water.

Local authorities in Hawaii ruled that Kristi was eaten alive by the beast following a 40-hour air and sea search involving the US Coast Guard, the Maui Fire Department and ocean rescue teams.

All that was recovered was a snorkel set and part of her bathing suit.

In a harrowing final Facebook post shared just days before she died, Kristi told family and friends that she was following her dreams in Hawaii.

It read: “Following dreams! I have wanted to learn to surf for years. I am committed to create a life I love in big and small ways.”

She also shared images of her surfing alongside inspirational messages. Kristi wrote: "I have used surfing metaphors for years: Work to get on the wave then ride the wave; Don’t over work use the universal force like a wave to carry you to your dreams.

"You paddle, paddle, paddle then pop up. Ride the wave (hopefully) or fall off then paddle back for the next wave.

"Our dreams give us the motivation to keep getting back up to catch the next one even if we got tumbled."

Dan Dennison, a spokesperson for the Department of Land and Natural Resources, explained how the couple were not snorkelling together when Blake noticed the shark.

He said: “As the shark continued to circle him he continued looking for his wife, popping his head out of the water and scanning the surface.”

Blake then saw “something in the distance and then the shark came back, and he could see something red around the shark's gills”.

“At the time, he said people on the beach began yelling at him to get out of the water because a shark was feeding in the area," Dennison added.

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