Steelworker burnt alive after ‘trip’ lands him in 1540C bowl of molten metal

A father-of-three has been burned alive in a horrific accident at a steel plant.

Mr G K Yeskaliev, 50, was a steelworker attending to a red hot furnace at the Zapchast plant in Taraz, Kazakhstan earlier this week when tragedy struck.

Gruesome CCTV images from the factory shows the poor bloke falling into a massive container of molten steel inside a boiling hot furnace.

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He appears to trip over into it, while mixing it round with a giant pole.

The melting point of carbon steel is around 1540c – the human body can only withstand temperatures of around 40c, leaving the man zero chance of survival upon impact with the molten steel.

Local reports say he was carrying a rod and used it to push another object into a furnace – but it kicked back and he overbalanced.

“Yeskaliev fell into a red hot furnace and the body of the victim was completely burned,” said one report.

“A worker was trying to fix something in the melting furnace with an iron rod," said another account.

"But he could not hold on and fell into the hot furnace."

The Zhambyl region emergencies department said: "There was a case of an employee falling into a furnace due to unknown circumstances.

“The incident is being investigated.”

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And local Kazakhstan news outlet said: “The Zapchast plant is equipped with video cameras throughout the territory and in the workshops.

“A video posted on social media captured the moment of the tragedy when the worker tried to fix something in the melting furnace with an iron rod, but could not resist and fell into the red-hot furnace.”

The Soviet-era plant was set up in 1993 as Zapchast, but had previously been working under the name of Dzhambul Tractor Spare Parts Planet under Josef Stalin.

It makes agriculture and military products – with most of its products being exported to Russia.

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