Stimulus check update – Here's how to get more cash from Biden's 2021 relief bills

PRESIDENT Joe Biden's relief packages could bring extra aid in the form of additional stimulus checks to tuition-free college for struggling Americans.

Here's what to expect from the next few coronavirus relief bills and how to get the most from your stimulus.

As Biden's relief plans make their way through Congress, Americans could receive another $3 trillion in relief through job creation, free childcare, and tuition-free education.

The American Jobs Plan would use $2 trillion to improve roads and transportation, expand affordable housing, and distribute high-speed broadband to areas in need.

Meanwhile, the American Families Plan would provide support in the form of child tax credits, federally funded education and childcare, and paid family and medical leave.

Between the two relief packages and Biden's other proposals, Americans may be eligible for several different forms of relief.

The newly-passed American Rescue Plan expanded the Child Tax Credit for the next fiscal year, allocating $3,000 for children over five and $3,600 for children five and under.

Biden has also supported up to $4,000 in monthly leave for workers. Ten years after implementation, it would also guarantee 12 weeks of paid family or medical leave.

The president has vocalized support for $10,000 in student loan forgiveness, though Democrats are pushing for more.

Students might see two years of tuition-free community college, another suggestion to relieve education costs.

Finally, many are hoping for a fourth set of stimulus checks to be sent out, although the White House has suggested that would be up to Congress to decide.

The IRS is already in the process of distributing $1,400 stimulus checks and accompanying plus-up payments, $3,600 child tax credit payments, and $16,000 child care tax credit payments.

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