Students may be ‘suspended’ if they snap trans teacher with size Z breasts

Students have been "threatened with suspension" should they take photographs of their trans teacher who has size Z prosthetic breasts.

Parents of children attending the Halton School District in Canada have claimed that students snapping shots of their trans teacher would be suspended from their classes if they continued to do so.

Teacher Kayla Lemieux had made headlines earlier in the year for skydiving with a porn star and had risen to notoriety due to their huge synthetic breasts, as previously reported by Daily Star.

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Students have since snapped their teacher, who was seen limping through the hallways and on crutches following their porn star skydive.

Parents have claimed that as well as alleged suspension warnings, teacher Lemieux also has a "personal escort [and] protection" everywhere she goes following a series of bomb threats.

Halton District School Board says that Lemieux had sustained a foot injury and stepped away from regular teaching duties throughout her recovery.

But footage of the teacher working as a substitute at Abbey Park High School has since been released, showing the prosthetic breast-clad teacher wandering the corridors.

According to parents, police had been present in the building at the time of Lemieux's appearance following the back-to-back bomb threats last month.

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It comes as the school board repeatedly defend Lemieux's choice to wear the size Z prosthetic breasts and women's attire as that is a "personal matter".

School board spokesperson Heather Francey has reiterated to Daily Mail that they cannot comment on a human resources matter.

They said: "It is routine practice for students to obtain permission of any subject at any time (including other students, staff or any person) before capturing, using and transmitting images or video.

Lemieux began transitioning from male to female in 2021 and the district has since said it cannot interfere as it would go against the Human Rights Code.

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