Stuntman goes missing after failing to emerge from water when cage was lowered

A man who was lowered into the Ganges river yesterday in front of his family and friends in his latest stunt has gone missing.

Chanchal Lahiri, known as Wizard Mandrake, was tied up with steel chains and ropes as he was lowered into the river in India by crane.

There was a large crowd of police and media also watching from the banks of the river, waiting for him to return.

But Chanchal, 40, never emerged from the water and a search was launched for him.

He claimed to have successfully pulled off a similar stunt 21 years ago at the same spot.

He said: ‘I was inside a bullet proof glass box tied with chain and locks and dropped down from Howrah bridge. Then I came out within 29 seconds.’

He admitted it would be tough to free himself this time.

He added: ‘If I can open it up then it will be magic, but if I can’t it will be tragic.’

When Lahiri tried the stunt at the river in 2013, he was assaulted by onlookers who saw through his escape from a locked cage via a door that was clearly visible.

He said that he would sink to depths of 30ft in the cage but he resurfaced within six seconds.

Those present said they could easily work out how he got out of the cage and he was mobbed and had his wig pulled by them.

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