Sussexes face ‘biggest rejection’ at coronation that could be ‘humiliating’

With just two months to go until King Charles III is officially crowned at Westminster Abbey, two of the most high-profile guests still haven’t decided whether they will be turning up.

Prince Harry is still in talks with officials at Buckingham Palace over his father's Coronation celebrations in May, with him and his wife Meghan Markle reportedly upset that the focus of the talks is very much on their presence.

Royal expert Kinsey Schofield has exclusively told the Daily Star that there’s also a hot debate raging within the Sussex camp about how they should handle the once-in-a-lifetime event.

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“Harry and Meghan want to appear above it all, gracious, and forgiving,” Kinsey said.

“The Sussexes also realise that their proximity to the royal family increases their commercial value. This is a historic event and the King will always be Harry's father.

“With that being said, there is general awareness that attendance at the coronation could be deemed hypocritical by their core fanbase."

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Following a number of high profile interviews and the release of his memoir Spare, it is believed that the couple may not be given a positive reception by some.

Kinsey warns: “There could be a negative reaction on the ground… and Meghan's biggest insecurity is rejection. That is not a position she wants to put herself in. Booing and hissing from the public on a global stage? Humiliating!

“The Palace expects and is planning for the Sussexes to attend. Even if it's just a brief appearance from Prince Harry.

“It would likely be a transactional appearance for both parties. No big reconciliation. Charles would avoid the humiliation of his son not being in attendance and Harry has material for the paperback edition of Spare”.

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Meanwhile, royal-watcher Gertrude Daly believes the Palace won't be "over-accommodating" whether the pair show up or not.

"There is an obligation by the palace to invite the couple, just as it would other members of the extended royal family who aren't working royals," she said.

"But while they may be invited, I don’t expect that the palace will be over-accommodating.

"The Sussexes have a seat at the Coronation. It is their choice if they want to attend. But the royals are not going to bend over backwards to get the Sussexes there.

"They have accepted the Sussexes have departed and are doing their own thing. And the monarchy is continuing on without them."


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