Teacher had sex with boy and told him to call her ‘momma’ to ‘turn him straight’

A teacher’s aide who sexually abused a young student allegedly told the victim’s parents she targeted him to teach him not to be gay.

Tedria Fluellen, 52, was arrested in 2019 after the child’s grandmother discovered explicit texts between the victim and the Worthing High School teacher.

The pair first met at school but the boy also went to the same church as Fluellen and she was known to the family.

Authorities said the teen told them he would go over to the 52-year-old’s home sometimes after she coerced him into helping her with various tasks.

Police said the boy said Fluellen told him "you don’t have to be gay" shortly before or after they had sex.

The aunt of the victim said Fluellen "took advantage" of her nephew who had told the family he is gay before.

She told ABC13: "He does like boys. He's expressed that to us. So, she said that she was doing it trying to convince him not to like boys."

It is understood the child's grandmother would drop the boy off at Fluellen's home before school as she had offered to help out.

His aunt said: "She would have my mom drop him off at school early in the morning saying that he was going to help her out when she would take him to the closet."

The boy told officers he and Fluellen had sex four times at different locations, including at the boy's home, the teacher's home, the parking lot of the school and a storage unit.

Fluellen also reportedly asked her victim to address her as "Momma".

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In a text found on the boy's phone, the predator also referred to the child as "my secret lover."

The Houston Independent School District said in a statement it was cooperating fully with the investigation into Fluellen who sexually abused a student.

Fluellen has since been jailed for 14 years for the crime, but the victim’s family said the teen still struggles from trauma.

The family told ABC13: "Fourteen years is not enough for what he has to deal with for the rest of his life."

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