Team Biden 'fears Trump fans will crash inauguration sparking MAGA rally mayhem' when Joe is being sworn in

PRESIDENT-elect Joe Biden's team reportedly fears that Donald Trump's disgruntled supporters will crash his Inauguration Day celebration and cause mayhem in Washington DC.

The Biden team is planning ahead for potential Trump supporter counter protests as it plans for the Democrat's swearing in ceremony on January 20, 2021.

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Officials who have been involved in talks about inauguration planning told the Daily Beast on Wednesday that the "last thing" they want is a MAGA rally on the White House lawn.

“What do you do if our people don’t show up and his do?” asked one official involved in the preparations.

“They probably will and the last thing you want is a MAGA rally on the Mall when Joe Biden is sworn in as president…. I think [Trump] would want to make it as much of a s**tshow as possible.”

One official noted that the clash between Biden revelers and Trump fans could create the perfect mass gathering storm that public health experts have warned against during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think it’s going to be almost impossible to keep people away from the Mall,” the official said.

“If Saturday is any indication of how people want to participate, it is going to be hard."

He added: "Part of the point of it is to allow people to participate and the cathartic nature of it being the end of Trump. People are going to want to go."

Michael Cohen told MSNBC on Tuesday that he believes the president will skip Biden's inauguration because he does "not have the inner strength in him to be gracious."

As the election results were announced on Saturday,Trump fumed that he wouldn't attend the inauguration of Biden, who he branded a "phony president".

Trump, who learned of his election loss while golfing, allegedly holed up in the White House feeling cheated while staffers lit rose-scented candles to soften the mood, Daily Mail reported.

"Stop the steal" rallies erupted across the country on Saturday after several media outlets named Biden the winner of the election around 11:30am.

Armed Trump fans brandished guns and crucifixes on Sunday to protest Biden's 2020 election win.

Protesters flooded the State Capitol building in Michigan for a second day in a row, decked out in Trump flags and attire, to call the election a "fraud" in Lansing.

Rifle-wielding Trump supporters took to the streets in Arizona andNew Jersey, where about 100 people gathered outside the president's golf course in Bedminster to "protect the vote."

In Georgia, Sky News journalist Alex Crawford, stopped several Trump supporters in Atlanta who were toting weapons to ask them why they were "dressed for war."

Trump has refused to concede and has said that he plans to fight what he is referring to as a "stolen" election.

His supporters are following his lead and continue to protest an election they say was won with "illegal" ballots.

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