Teen Mom Maci Bookout's best parenting advice including the hack which keeps straight-A son Bentley on the right track

TEEN Mom Maci Bookout has shared her best parenting advice throughout the years, including the hack which keeps her straight-A son Bentley on the right track.

Maci has been able to not only properly raise Bentley while battling over custody of him with her ex, Ryan Edwards, but has also kept her two younger kids happy.

Promotes seeking therapy at a young age

This past season of Teen Mom OG, fans saw how Bentley, Maci's oldest son, began going to therapy and even asked his dad, Ryan, to go with him in order to talk out their issues.

Seemingly, it was Bentley who decided he wanted to talk to a professional about his strained relationship with his dad who has battled addiction for years.

Of course, Maci has been fully supportive of Bentley getting help while his dad made fun of him for it.

Fully supports her kids' passions

Throughout the years, both on social media and on the show, Maci has always been there to support her three kids in whatever activities they choose to pursue.

Maci and her husband Taylor McKinney have been actively involved in Bentley wrestling as she attends all of his practices and matches. She's also always there for all of his golf tournaments.

Back in February, Maci shared a picture of Bentley, her daughter Jayde, and her son Maverick wearing wrestling uniforms while showing off their medals.

However, Maci is not the only one who has done her best to always be there for her kids, but Taylor has also done the same – going as far as stepping up to the role of father figure for Bentley.

Insists that her kids do well in school

Maci is often seen as strict with her kids about their education, but like most moms, she means well.

She has boasted about the fact that Bentley is not only dedicated to his extra-curricular activities but that he's a straight A student.

The reality TV star is not afraid to help him with his homework and even get him tutors if need be.

Recognizes that her kids also have boundaries with other adults

One thing that Maci has picked up from her son going to therapy is that even kids need to have boundaries – even around their parents.

The mom of three was there to support Bentley when he decided that he did not want to be around his dad when he felt rejected and replaced.

During an episode of Teen Mom OG, Maci talked about those boundaries.

"Bentley has set clear boundaries that he doesn't want to be around his dad until they go to therapy together," Maci shared.

Bentley felt comfortable enough to admit he did not want to be at his dad's house.

"I haven't seen him in forever, and then that'd just be a big jump from just like, not seeing him,and then going straight to his house," he admitted.

Since then, Maci has done her best to keep her son from being hurt by his dad and that side of the family.

Keeps the lines of communication open

One of the great things about Maci's relatioship with her kids is that they feel comfortable enough to open up to her and Taylor about anything.

Aside from telling them that he did not want to see his dad, Bentley has also sat down with Taylor and Maci to talk about sex.

After explaining to him how babies are made, she added during an episode of Teen MomOG: "Girls are going to be weird pretty soon. You're going to be like 'hmm that's cute…' Or boys. "

"Whatever you like. It's ok if you don't like boys I'm just saying if you do. I always include it because you can tell us anything.

'You're going to hear stuff from your friends, in school, in songs – you're going to be like 'what are they talking about?'"

Taylor said they'd prefer Bentley to ask them questions so they could give him "the right information" as Maci encouraged him to "talk to us, ask us questions, you'll never be in trouble."

"Holding hands and kissing on the cheek is fine for now though!" she quipped.

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