Terrified bloke has ‘once in lifetime’ encounter with ‘world’s biggest spider’

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    A bloke was left terrified after getting into a stare-off with what appeared to be two of the world’s biggest spiders inside his car.

    Andrew McLeay from Victoria, Australia, was retrieving something from his vehicle when he spotted the giant huntsman spiders entangled with one another.

    The 54-year-old said the moment he spotted the creepy crawlies hanging from the roof, his skin began to crawl.

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    He said: “I had no idea what was going on at first, I went to get something from my car and noticed it.

    “Maybe they had a fight or they were mating – and I was wondering how they got in my car and how long they were living in it.

    “I’m terrified of them by the way.”

    The entangled creepy crawlies were doing something more gruesome – and much rarer to see.

    He told how he initially thought the terrifying duo were lifeless but “freaked out” when one suddenly began to move.

    Andrew explained: “I managed to get the bottom one to slowly lower into a container with a single line of web.

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    “The top one I thought had been dead for ages because it looked dried up. Then I looked closer and realised it was a shell of a huntsman.

    “I posted it on my Facebook page, and a friend of mine who knows a bit about these spiders told me it wasn’t two huntsmans but only one.

    “It had just finished shedding and was still connected to the old skin. Apparently, it’s rare to witness such a thing.”

    Biologist Jake Giannino, who had a similar encounter in 2017, called it a “once in a lifetime” thing to see.

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    He told the Aussie press at the time: “It’s something really interesting that is rarely witnessed.

    “For squeamish people, it’s probably weird to look at, but pretty interesting too.”

    After removing the spider from his Great Wall X200, Mr Mcleay freed it – and its skin – in his garden.


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