Terrified pregnant woman gave birth after thieves broke in and stole family car

A pregnant woman was left so terrified by thieves that broke into her house while she was laying in bed that she went into labour.

Stefania Giudice, 31, believes the stress from the invasion caused her to bleed and have contractions, resulting in her being rushed to hospital and giving birth just hours later.

The intruders entered her family home on Wednesday, May 26 while Stefania and her husband, Alberto Giudice, 33 were upstairs.

The thieves made their way into the home in Heritage Grange in Edinburgh's Burdiehouse via an unlocked door at the back of the house.

Once inside they stole the keys to her husband's car and drove off in it.

While Stefania did not come face to face with the intruders she was woken by their movements.

"I'm a light sleeper since my 19-month-old son was born so when there was a sound like a chair moving across the floor downstairs it woke me up," she told BBC Scotland.

"My mother is staying with us just now so at first I thought maybe it was her.

"But then all of a sudden I heard my husband's car engine firing into life and I knew straightaway it was his car."

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Stefania had nearly reached the full term of her pregnancy so only made it to the bedroom window in time to see the £30,000 white Audi S5 drive away.

And when the police arrived the ordeal suddenly hit Stefania and she began having contractions and bleeding.

She was quickly taken to hospital where their baby daughter, Giorgia was born later that day.

The invasion of her home has left Stefania feeling scared and worried when she is alone with her two children.

She said: "I want to tell people to hide their car keys as ours were hanging on a hook near the door and to check their doors are locked before they go to bed.

"I keep thinking what If I had been downstairs at the time, what would have happened? Luckily it was only a car that was taken and not one of us hurt."

Police found their car 40 minutes later in Straiton, Midlothian but it has not yet been returned as it is being checked for forensics.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: "Inquiries remain ongoing and anyone with information is asked to contact police."

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