Terrified swimsuit model stalked by creep who planted Apple tracker on her

A top swimsuit model has issued a warning over Apple AirTags after one was used to track her.

Brooks Nader was stalked with the device for five hours while out partying in New York City earlier this week.

She only knew someone had slipped the tag into her coat when her iPhone notified her that one was near her.

Posting about the incident on social media, she showed a screenshot of her iPhone telling her that an “unknown accessory” had been detected.

The notification also said that the item had been “moving with you for a while (and) the owner can see its location”.

The 26-year-old told MailOnline: “'I never share stuff like this but what the F does this mean?'

“This 'device' followed me for the last five hours to every location and was no one in my 'network'. “It also wasn't a phone or tablet, it was an 'item'

An AirTag, which launched in April, 2021, is a tracking device developed by Apple, designed to act as a key finder, helping people find personal objects.

It can be attached to anything and everything – even someone else's property without them knowing.

Ms Nader told The Daily Mail Online: “I went to bathroom left my coat on the chair and that’s when I think someone slipped it in.

“They then followed me for five hours all the way home.

“I hope that my story can help raise awareness and encourage ladies to look out for this notification and keep their belongings close, especially when out and about.

“I never thought anything like this could happen to me and it did.

“If this does happen to you and you find an AirTag, immediately call the police and Apple to track the serial number back to the perpetrator.

“As women, we need to stick together and warn each other of situations like these.”

The Daily Star asked Apple to comment on the story, and a spokesman said that they take safety “very seriously”, and that the company is “committed to AirTag’s privacy and security”.

He said: “AirTag is designed with a set of proactive features to discourage unwanted tracking — a first in the industry — that both inform users if an unknown AirTag might be with them, and deter bad actors from using an AirTag for nefarious purposes.

“If users ever feel their safety is at risk, they are encouraged to contact local law enforcement who can work with Apple to provide any available information about the unknown AirTag.”

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