Terrifying moment two wild elephants charge at tourists on Safari

The terrifying moment two wild elephants charge at tourists on Safari in Sri Lanka

  • Tourists in Sri Lanka spotted a herd of elephants while on safari in a Jeep
  • Suddenly the two elephants leave the herd and start running at car full of people
  • Scary incident happened at the Minneriya National Park, North Central Province

A group of tourists got a little closer to wildlife than they anticipated when two wild elephants charged at their Jeep during a safari. 

The 4×4 full of people was driving through northern Sri Lanka when it encountered a herd of elephants from a distance. 

Bumpy footage recorded from the car shows the elephants, which can be heard trumpeting,  gathered together and walking in the opposite direction as the sun goes down. 

Two elephants broke away from a herd to chase a Jeep as it drove past in northern Sri Lanka

Suddenly out of nowhere two of the animals, which appear spooked by the tourists presence, break away from the herd and charge at the safari-goers. 

One female tourist can be heard screaming while others laugh as it is clear the wild animals are backing off. 

Thankfully the Jeep driver was able to manoeuvre out of the elephants’ paths. 

The terrifying incident took place at Minneriya National Park in North Central Province, Sri Lanka, last Thursday. 

The two wild animals appeared spooked and charged at the car full of safari-goes on Thursday

The 4×4 full of people encountered a herd of elephants from a distance but was luckily able to manoeuvre out of the animals’ path

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