Terrifying sharp-toothed ‘dinosaur’ branded ‘stuff of nightmares’ washes up

A terrifying sharp-toothed "dinosaur" has washed up on a beach, with the seabeast labelled the "stuff of nightmares" by horrified investigators.

Terran Walker was walking with her brother, sister and boyfriend when they came across the beast, which left them "shocked" and others referring to it as "the stuff of nightmares".

Terran's photos showed the "smiling" beast, which was dead and found on a Prince Edward, Canada beach, decaying around the head and with a large skull protruding.

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Because of the decay, the beast "smelled like rotten flesh" but its horrifying grin showed signs of nightmarish intent, with commenters saying the beast was a reason not to swim in the ocean.

Terran said: "I was shocked – and amazed that we were the ones to find it – but also sad to think about how it ended up there and whether it suffered.

"At first we thought it was a small shark, due to the teeth, which were extremely sharp. It smelled a bit like rotten flesh and it looked very dried up and crunchy.

"The head area was pretty decayed so you could see inside under the flesh and see the large skull. It looked like it was smiling or was in the middle of biting because the mouth was open wide and all the teeth were being displayed."

Users have since commented on a post Terran made, with one person describing the find as "the stuff of nightmares" and one claimed it was "a dinosaur".

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Another wrote: "Now you know why I don’t swim in the ocean."

People also speculated on what animal it could be, although Terran remains unconvinced by suggestions of an alligator, dolphin, whale or porpoise.

They added: "Some people even said tuna and salmon and I knew it wasn't those."

But expert Laura Bourque could have an answer, saying: "The specimen isn’t all that big but, in that picture, looks terrifying, right? This particular specimen, we think, was actually reported back in December 2022."

She later confirmed the unusual specimen was a dolphin, judging off of its teeth, jaw and mouth.

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