The £1.2million telly! Top tip: Don't lose the remote!

The £1.2million telly! Just one of the new giants of the small screen that you won’t be able to pick up at Currys. Top tip: Don’t lose the remote!

If there is one thing we’ve all done more of in the past 18 months than ever before, it is watch films and TV, trading in cinema trips for the comfort of our own sofas.

But it is hard to get a big-screen blockbuster experience on a tiny telly. Now, thanks to a supersized television launched this week, you can watch in style on a staggeringly huge 325 in (27 ft) screen. All you need is £1.2 million — and a house the size of a cathedral.

The LG Extreme Home Cinema claims to come with ‘everything you need except the popcorn’ — although, quite frankly, for something costing five times as much as the average UK home, we’d want the popcorn thrown in too.

Unlike most other huge screens, which are made up of smaller modules joined together, this is a single screen using up to 33 million LEDs — tiny coloured lights — to deliver cinema-quality pictures, even in a well-lit living room.

The LG Extreme Home Cinema claims to come with ‘everything you need except the popcorn’ — although, quite frankly, for something costing five times as much as the average UK home, we’d want the popcorn thrown in too

Viewers can also watch different things at once on the same screen. It can display giant artworks when not in use, and the sound quality will blow your socks off.

It is hand-constructed and installed by specialists, and includes twice-yearly TV ‘health checks’ for three years.

Can’t quite stretch to £1.2 million? LG’s gargantuan gogglebox is just one of a new breed of tremendously big tellies with equally supersized price tags…. 

Sounds amazing 

Bang & Olufsen Harmony 88 inches, £47,589,

Created for those who like their expensive TVs to look just as swanky when switched off, this made-to-order television is hidden behind motorised wooden shutters, which open gracefully as the TV rises up and turns on.

While the 88 in display has more than 33 million OLED pixels, for showstopping picture quality, Bang & Olufsen claim to offer ‘the world’s best TV sound’. It’s still suggested you shell out up to £69,000 for extra, matching speakers.

Verdict: The Rolls-Royce of titan tellies.

Bang & Olufsen Harmony 88 inches, £47,589

Wonder wall

Samsung The Wall Luxury, sizes up to 1,000 in, POA (estimates over £100 k),

So called because it can fill one, The Wall is made up of numerous smaller micro-LED screens, meaning the super-sized display can be made to measure, in any shape, to fit any space, up to an eye-watering 1,000 inches.

Promising ‘extraordinary picture quality with striking contrast and lifelike colours’, it is packed full of high-tech features including the handy ability to repel dust.

When you are not watching Netflix, it works as an uber-expensive wallpaper that can display any image, such as a lifelike forest, in your living room.

Verdict: You need never leave home again.

Samsung The Wall Luxury

A work of art

Samsung The Frame QLED TV with art mode, 75 in, £2,499,

When is a TV not a TV? When it is disguised as a picture frame. This 75 in smart television aims to ‘turn your living room into an art gallery’.

You can customise the screen to display your own photos or more than 1,400 artworks (via the Samsung Art Store). A single cable takes the place of unsightly wires.You can change the frame with snap-on magnetic covers to suit your decor.

Verdict: Clever and stylish — no more ugly black box on the wall.

Samsung The Frame QLED TV with art mode

This 85 in TV uses ‘Quantum Mini LEDs’ and artificial intelligence for ‘a picture so intense it’ll take your breath away’.

It means it automatically adjusts the brightness, contrast and resolution of any TV programme, upscaling it to 4K quality. There is also an anti-glare screen, eight speakers for 3D sound, and it can automatically adjust the volume to suit noise levels in the room.

Verdict: Impressive tech for a slightly more reasonable price.

Samsung 85 in QN95A

The full package 

LG Z1 Signature 88 in 8K OLED TV, £29,999,

Modestly promising ‘the pinnacle of TV experience’, this 88 in television boasts a display with 100 million self-lit ‘sub-pixels’ for incredibly real-looking colours and pictures. There’s even a motion sensor that switches it on and off when you enter and leave the room.

Verdict: High-tech with a high-end price tag to match.

LG Z1 Signature 88 in 8K OLED TV,

Into the fold 

C-Seed M1 165 in, £339,550 (plus £14,076 installation),

Want a ginormous TV without it taking up a ginormous amount of space? This incredible 165 in television quietly folds into a thin column and disappears into the floor at a touch of a button.

Made of aeroplane-grade aluminium and designed by Porsche, the edges of the folding sections are invisible when watched, offering ‘amazingly vibrant colours and a truly stunning 4K resolution’.

House not big enough? There’s also an outdoor version, perfect for your superyacht.

Verdict: Ideal for those with designer decor.

C-Seed M1 165 in

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