The UK’s baldest cities where more and more men are losing their luscious locks

The number of baldies is booming.

In a poll of 2,000 men, researchers found that those saying they were either already bald or going bald, had shot up to just over 40%.

Chaps from Liverpool are most in danger of baldness, with the number of those saying they were losing their locks soaring in the past five years.

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But not everyone felt at risk of losing their hair – those from Leeds were most confident of keeping their barnet.

Jeff Finlay, 31, of Liverpool, said: “I started losing my hair when I was 24 and it’s pretty much all gone now.

“At first I was really stressed about going bald, but my barber suggested I shave it all off for a ‘Bruce Willis look’ and I’ve never been happier.”

A spokesman for male grooming experts Humanery, which carried out the study, said: “An incredible amount of those polled said they had noticed they were losing hair.

“Even those aged 18-24 said they had noticed hair loss over the last few years.”

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Thomas Watson, of Humanery, added: “We want men to feel good, both inside and out – and not to panic about premature hair loss.”

Percentage of men who admitted they were either losing their hair or were already bald…

1 – Liverpool – 47%
2 – Southampton – 43%
3 – Newcastle – 42%
4 – Plymouth – 41%
5 – Sheffield – 37%
6 – Cardiff – 36%
7 – Manchester – 36%
8 – Birmingham – 35%
9 – Norwich – 35%
10 – Leeds – 34%

This comes after an expert shared what makes men more likely to suffer from male pattern baldness – and while baldness might not be preventable for everyone, there are certain factors that can make balding worse.

Chief pharmacist at Boots UK Marc Donovan told : "Male pattern hair loss is the most common, but there are other less common causes of hair loss in men, including stress, illness, cancer treatment or a mineral deficiency."

He also added that there are now a range of treatment options, "including shampoos and leave-in treatments that can help with the look and feel of your hair, adding body and volume".


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