Theme Park nightmare as passengers trapped at top of 235ft Blackpool ride

Every veloxrotaphobic’s nightmare came true at Blackpool Pleasure Beach today, when an apparent malfunction left riders on the iconic Big One stranded at the very top of its terrifyingly steep drop.

A video from the scene shows a carriage stalled at the top of the 235ft ride.

It then shows that people are walking up the ride using the stairs at the side to get access to the carriage.

The video was shared by Cheshire Live’s Sallie Ehlen, who had luckily just made it to the end of the ride before the malfunction.

She uploaded the clip, captioning it "when you’ve just got off the Big One and the next car gets stuck at the top."

The £12million rollercoaster’s impressive height means it dominates Blackpool's skyline, reports Lancashire Live.

It was both the tallest and steepest roller coaster in the world when it opened, and despite rival rides opening since it remains the tallest roller coaster in the UK as well as the country's second-fastest.

The coaster has had its problems in the past

In July 1994, less than a month after the 87mph ride first opened, 26 people were injured when the computer system failed to completely stop a train returning to the station.

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The result of this brake failure was a collision with a train parked inside the ride's station.

Only two hours before the crash, the ride was shut for an hour because of a computer fault.

In August 2000, another train collision computer failure left at least 20 people injured, two of them seriously.

In a statement at the time, Blackpool Pleasure Beach management said: "A stopped train waiting to enter the station on the rollercoaster was bumped by a second slow-moving train that was not completely stopped by the primary braking system of the ride.”

In April 2021, a train ascending the lift hill halted, leaving a number of people stranded near the top of the ride. Park staff had to scale the ride and safely guide riders as they walked down off the ride.

Staff at Pleasure Beach attraction had to climb up the ride, which was built in 1935 and stands 62 feet (19m) high, to escort nervous thrill-seekers back to the ground.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach has been approached for comment on today's situation.

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