Those who hate Boris Johnson's Government enough to undermine vaccine rollout with propaganda should be ashamed

Jibes at jabs

THERE are some whose hatred of Boris Johnson’s Government now extends even to undermining the vaccine rollout.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

Misinformation will cost lives.

The vaccines are safe.

And the decision to delay the second dose was not a ruse by the PM to artificially boost the number of first jabs done.

It was the verdict of the UK’s four chief medical officers after studying the science.

The evidence so far seems to reveal more protection from delaying the booster up to 12 weeks instead of administering it after three, as was originally planned.

The Sun’s sole concern is that those second jabs must be done as efficiently as the first.

Panic will set in if that deadline looks at risk.

Immunologist Prof Adam Finn says those attacking the current strategy, doctors included, were misleading the public without understanding the issues.

Some critics even claim no one is “vaccinated” by one dose.

More nonsense, given the substantial immunity from that first jab, which a remarkable four out of five over-80s have now had.

The worst spreaders of this corrosive propaganda make no secret of loathing the Tories.

That’s up to them.

But it is sickening they would create such dangerous mistrust for political gain.

Keep ’em down

WHICH taxes should now be raised to begin tackling our Covid debt?

Er, none.

The collapse of our GDP and sudden vast job losses are unprecedented.

And we understand the Treasury’s desire to start trying to balance the books.

But this is simply not the moment.

Higher income tax, VAT or fuel duty will directly make working people poorer.

Increased corporation tax will be passed down to customers — and deter job-creating firms from starting up here.

Ending the stamp duty holiday will cripple the property market.

Other options may do less damage.

But they won’t raise much either.

The Tories do have to wean the public off Covid handouts when the crisis ends.

Emergency funding cannot go on ­forever.

That way lies ruin.

For now, though, the Treasury must sit tight and prepare to do everything possible — including lowering taxes — to facilitate a jobs and growth boom.

What other strategy is there?

Lest we forget

THE lowest-paid are not only suffering worst economically from Covid, they are more likely than other workers to die.

Binmen, truckers, cleaners, factory workers and security guards are the worst-hit jobs for men.

For women, it’s carers and factory workers.

We all admire the NHS staff coping with 37,000 Covid victims in hospital.

Let’s not forget the other workers in harm’s way as they keep Britain running.

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