Thousands of iPhones in US potentially HACKED after Israeli firm's spyware infected iPhone 11 and 12 models

AN Israeli spy firm has apparently hacked into thousands of iPhone 11s and 12s in the US through zero-click attacks.

A report from Amnesty International and Forbidden Stories has revealed that the Israeli spyware NSO Group has hacked into possibly thousands of iPhones in the US.

"Apple prides itself on its security and privacy features, but NSO Group has ripped these apart," said Deputy Director of Amnesty Tech Danna Ingleton.

"Our forensic analysis has uncovered irrefutable evidence that through iMessage zero-click attacks, NSO’s spyware has successfully infected iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models. Thousands of iPhones have potentially been compromised."

"These attacks have exposed activists, journalists and politicians all over the world to the risk of having their whereabouts monitored, and their personal information and used against them."

"This is a global concern – anyone and everyone is at risk, and even technology giants like Apple are ill-equipped to deal with the massive scale of surveillance at hand."

The NSO Group's spyware has been found to violate a number of human rights across the world, according to the report that saw a leak of 50,000 phone numbers of potential targets

The numbers included those of heads of state, activists, and journalists as targets, including the slain Jamal Khashoggi’s family. 

More than 80 journalists across 17 media organizations in 10 countries have created the Pegasus Project through Amnesty to run forensic tests on phones to identify spyware.

The project showed that the Pegasus zero-click attacks were used to install spyware on phones.

The group also found that thousands of iPhones were found to be targets for the spyware, but it was unclear how many were actually hacked.

This comes as WhatsApp warns its users against potential spyware from the group that could potentially hack their phones with a single phone call.

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